Latest updates from and about Groasis 2017

09-12-2017 VIDEO: We brought life back in the desert of Los Monegros in Zaragoza, Spain!
04-12-2017 Vote for Groasis as the new Tech Pioneer of the Netherlands! Search for Pieter Hoff and click on 'Stem' 
30-11-2017 Read the factsheet about National Icon Groasis
22-11-2017 National Geographic: How endemic cactus helps restore ecological balance in the Galapagos - with Groasis
22-11-2017 Read the scientific report of JSDCBD
21-11-2017 Dutch: VN uses the water efficient Growboxx of Groasis
20-11-2017 In December, we are going to start a pilot in Colombia for the World Food Programme’s Innovation Accelerator
18-11-2017 Read the new informative brochure about our company
12-11-2017 VIDEO: Changing dry land into productive land in Ghana 
06-11-2017 VIDEO: Reforestation of ski area San Isidro - prevent avalanches with Groasis
02-11-2017 VIDEO: First year experience with the Waterboxx plant cocoon in the United States of America
31-10-2017 VIDEO: Over 2000 tomatoes from one plant that has grown with the Waterboxx plant cocoon
16-10-2017 VIDEO: Ecosystem restoration/reforestation of open mine dumps and landfills with Groasis
07-10-2017 Groasis has been chosen as one of the 100 best YouTube channels for Techlovers!
05-10-2017 Groasis in the Jordan SGP newsletter - read it here
02-10-2017 Visit Iberflora from the 4rd to the 6th of October in Valencia, and check out the Groasis products here!
01-10-2017 Listen to this Spanish audio fragment about the Groasis Technology!
29-09-2017 Video: 101 Days' Growth of a Dawn Redwood
27-09-2017 See the first results of the plantation with the Growboxx® in Mexico
21-09-2017 Check out this amazing time laps video of a Ghaf tree in Dubai that has grown with the Waterboxx®
14-08-2017 Try the Waterboxx® plant cocoon for free! Visit our Facebook page and make a chance to win!
10-08-2017 Groasis has reached Russia! Read an article about us on the site of Ecology
03-08-2017 "When we started, we were in the Benz phase. That phase we have had. We are now in the Ford phase. "Thus Pieter Hoff in the Steenberg Bode
03-08-2017 Groasis is mentioned in the 6 grade biology book that is recommended by the CISCE Board in India
27-06-2017 Read the new blog of Groasis on the website of Nudge (Dutch)
27-06-2017 Find the Groasis tree planting projects here
15-06-2017 Check out the latest Waterboxx® plant cocoon project in Calgary, Canada
03-05-2017 Do you know that you can buy various shares of 'Friends of Groasis'? You can do both private as business.
01-05-2017 Find us in the Global Opportunity Explorer
20-04-2017 Watch the pitch from Wout Hoff at the WFP innovation accelerator in Munich (from 1h 14m)
17-04-2017 Read the blog of Pieter Hoff about ending the hunger before 2030
07-04-2017 Read the speech of Marjolijn Sonnema at the Business Forum between Argentina and Holland in May 2017 at the Beurs van Berlage
29-03-2017 Watch the interview with Pieter Hoff at Radio 1 about droughts in the world 
29-03-2017 Almost 900 pieces of fruit and more than 60 lbs from one tomato plant within a year and without the use of irrigation! 
27-03-2017 Buy the new book of Matthew Auman on Amazon for $0,99 and learn everything about gardening with the Waterboxx® plant cocoon!
23-03-2017 Watch the interview with Pieter Hoff about carbon credits, agroforestry and more!
08-03-2017 Our distributor in the USA, Matthew Auman, has designed the Waterboxx® Planting Pyramid. Curious how this looks? 
03-02-2017 Watch the interview with Pieter Hoff and learn more about his dream to reforest the world
03-02-2017 Read the Global Opportunity Report 2017
30-01-2017 Trump, climate change and more. Read it in the blog written by Pieter Hoff
26-01-2017 Read more about the National Icons on the website of RVO
13-01-2017 Dutch: Read the interview of Pieter Hoff in Boederij Vandaag
11-01-2017 Read the blog of Pieter Hoff about 2016!
09-01-2017 Read the leaflet of our expo at the Ministry of Economic Affairs in the Netherlands
02-01-2017 Read the update of the Sahara Roots Foundation about their projects with the Waterboxx® plant cocoon