Solve social problems while planting trees

We don’t need to tell you that there are several (social) problems in the world. Often, we don’t search for solutions for these problems, because the solutions aren't based on a money-making business model. Until today. We from Groasis have found the solution to make money, and to solve at least 7 social and world problems!

What are the biggest social problems in the world?

While planting trees with the Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology, multiple problems will be reduced or solved. The social and world problems are:

  • Food crisis: while planting productive trees in dry and eroded areas, the food production will be increased. This allows us to meet the demand for food, especially in poor countries;
  • Climate change: it can’t be news that trees have a positive effect on the CO2 concentration in the air;
  • Reduction of the groundwater levels: the groundwater levels are dropping in many places in the world. People think that trees are also lowering the groundwater levels, but this is not true. The roots of trees hold the water in the ground;
  • Migration to cities from the countryside: people are leaving from the countryside because there aren’t jobs anymore. With the Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology, we can create 1 direct and 1 indirect job per hectare;
  • Shortage of drink water: in the future, a lot of people will have to face drink water shortages. We have to be careful with drink water. The biggest part of fresh water is used for the production of food. With the Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology you can save 90% water compared to drip irrigation;
  • Cutting down the forests: forests are cut down because it provides quick money. We can stop this with our technology. By planting productive trees that provide more money than cutting trees. In this way, we can save the last precious forests;
  • The population will grow to 10 million people in 2050: more and more people will be on earth and every need food. By planting trees, we can increase the food production and nobody has to suffer from hunger in the future!

Indonesian rainforests are being cut down at an enormous speed

Many rainforests are being cut down in Indonesia and other parts of the world. This has major implications for nature and the effects of climate change will be more severe. Picture: Greenpeace

Calculate your own reforestation project and help us to create a better world!

Trees are perfect to make money and to solve social and world problems. With the document below governments, investors, NGO’s or other interested parties can calculate how much money they can earn with a reforestation project. At the same time, you can help us solving social and world problems. Filling out the document takes several minutes and you will receive a broadly cost calculation of your reforestation project! 

Download here the ‘’waterboxx® plant cocoon investment template’’ to calculate your investment of your reforestation project.