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Groasis believes in the code of personal service and a high quality. We genuinely care about all aspects of your experience with us. From the speed of shipping and the quality of the products that you receive to the rate of your plantings. Each product we have developed is created with attention to the smallest details and the high quality, and targeted to keep your trees, vegetables and bushes alive. Do you want to see some of our projects? Check out our photo albums. If you have done a project by yourself, you are always free to share the pictures with us! 

Pieter Hoff with the children of the primary school in Wukro Ethiopia

If you need some help with planting your trees, vegetables and/or bushes, please check our FAQ or look at the product manuals. Do you want to buy a Waterboxx® plant cocoon? Please go to our online shop and order today! 

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The Netherlands

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