More wealth through forestry

Forestry is the science and art of cultivating (i.e. growing and tending) forest crops. No matter if it concerns cold coniferous woods, moderate deciduous forests or tropical palm forests. It goes without saying that these different forests require different approaches. The economic aspects are very diverse. Obviously forests from which balms, resins and gums have to be obtained for pharmaceutical purposes, rubber and the paint industry require another approach than forests which produce oils, fruit and nuts, among other things, for consumption. And then there are forests for recreational or forestry purposes. Maybe forestry – in all its aspects - is the most important science of the century! Groasis can play an important role in all these aspects!

Wood processing industry

The wood processing industry often comprises more than people usually think. For example, wood remainders such as branches, leaves and carpentry waste, are used for the production of cellulose, which in its turn serves as a basis for the production of synthetic fibres, pharmaceutical products, paints/varnish and in lots of chemical products. Furthermore, wood is used for and in nearly everything man makes and builds. Literally everything a tree produces, can be used. Everyone who watches closely what is going on around him, cannot avoid a “wood” application. If you cannot see wood, then it is incorporated in clothes or in the synthetic of the computer (by means of refined wood tar or cellulose) which you use to watch this site. Wood is also incorporated in every book we read and in nearly every packing material of whichever product.

Create wealth through forestry

As you could read above, trees can be used for many purposes and it is a frequently requested feedstock. Mankind has been cutting billions of hectares of forests to use the wood for household goods, fuel, to create a living space or for other purposes. 2 billion of those hectares have been turned into degraded farmland. The hectares of degraded farmland have become worthless because the many nutrients in the soil have disappeared – the nutrients were first held by the roots of the trees.

For people with a minimum income, it can be very difficult to grow successfully trees on the degraded farmland – which are often located in countries with a warm climate. The trees need much water, which is often difficult to reach and they think the only way to grow a tree is by using expensive irrigation systems (which they cannot afford). With the Growboxx® plant cocoon, the farmers can provide forestry with a minimum start capital. With the Growboxx® plant cocoon, the (poor) people can plant all kinds of trees with minimal water consumption (90% less than drip irrigation). The trees can survive on their own after a year and don’t need the box anymore. In addition, people can grow 4 vegetables together with the productive tree. The vegetables will give the person already fruits within 1 year. In this way, he or she can immediately make money! Besides vegetables, you can plant trees in combination with bushes, which is ideal for ecosystem restauration projects

Wood can be used for many purposes: to cook, heat up the house or to make furniture

Wood for the production of furniture or for fuelwood

Palm oil plantations in the world are profitable. Trees can be used for other purposes

Palm oil production