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The best compliment and prove for a successful technology, is when other companies are inspired. The Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology has now inspired already 4 companies. Pieter Hoff, founder of Groasis, started to develop his technology to plant trees in degraded land without using drip irrigation and saving over 90% of water, in 2003. In 2008 he introduced the 10 times reusable Groasis Waterboxx® plant cocoon. In 2010 the Groasis capillary drill was introduced. An automated technology to make planting holes without destroying the capillary water transport system in the soil. In 2012 he introduced the prototype of a decomposable Groasis Growboxx® plant cocoon made of recycled paper. In 2013 the Growmaxx mycorrhizae principle to replace fertilizers was introduced. In 2014 the Growsafe telescoprotexx was introduced to protect trees against sheep, deer and goats. In the Spring of 2016 the low priced decomposable Growboxx® plant cocoon was introduced and during the Summer of 2016 already over 1 million are sold. During 2017 a revolutionary invention will be introduced: the Groasis Terracedixx to build mini-terraces with a speed of 15,000 meters per hour. The Terracedixx will help water infiltration after rainfall into the soil rise from 25% to 90%.

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Combine the planting of trees with vegetables

The Growboxx® plant cocoon is revolutionary: the planter can combine the planting of vegetables with trees. The vegetable cash crop gives him food and income. For ecosystem restauration purposes the Growboxx® plant cocoon can be used to plant 1 native tree and 4 native wild flowers or bushes in the same time. This makes the price of ecosystem restauration cheaper than ever before.

As you can see Pieter Hoff’s approach is to offer an integrated solution so that your plantations will grow successfully with more than 90% better water efficiency and  guaranteed over 90% survival rate. In general inspired products tend to be cheaper than the original. However, one of the areas in which Groasis wants to distinguish itself is a low price. Groasis is not only leading in the research and development, but its products are also considerably cheaper. Ask us for an offer and convince yourself that buying the original Groasis product is the best, the cheapest and most reliable way to plant your property without using irrigation.

You can ask for an offer of the Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology products in this link.