Starting an ecosystem restauration project? Check the conditions

Many forests are being cut down. All those forests contain different types of trees, plants and animals. By cutting down all those forests, we lose many ecosystems and all the life that they provide. We at Groasis find it extremely important that we preserve the forests today, and we work very hard to plant new forests again!

How do you restore an ecosystem?

Groasis supports the principle of ecosystem restoration that consists of a combination of planting economic and ecological interesting trees together in one area. The combination of economic and ecological interesting trees can develop sustainable production in the long term, as monocultures of only economical interesting trees develop plagues and cause declining ground water levels.

When planted together, economical interesting trees can be planted on all accessible areas. Ecological interesting trees can be planted within this area of economical interesting trees on sides of parcels, along creeks and rivers, on steep slopes, on rocks, in canyons and in difficult to access areas.

Start your own ecosystem restoration project!

Do you want to start your own ecosystem restoration project with the Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology? You can! No matter how big or small your project is, every tree is helping to get a greener future! Please take a look at the documents below about starting an ecosystem restoration project.