Download the book 'The Treesolution' for free

Everyone has heard something about the CO2-emissions in the world, and that the CO2 concentration is increasing in the air. Pieter Hoff, inventor of the Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology has written a book about how we can reduce the CO2-emissions and the CO2-concentration in the air.

The CO2 concentration is rising in the air - CO2 emissions versus CO2 concentration

As you can see, the CO2 concentration in the air is rising. What is the solution to bring down the CO2 concentration?

Is there, or isn’t there climate change?

The book doesn’t tell you whether climate change exists or not exists. Pieter Hoff says that this is distracting from the real issue: the CO2 concentration in the air is rising measurably!

Pieter Hoff says that we can replant a hectare for approximately 2,500 USD. We need 2 billion hectares of trees to disconnect all present and past CO2 what is produced through fossil fuels. The total investment to clean the air from the CO2 pollution is therefore 5 trillion USD. This investment is smaller than the costs of saving the bank system since 2008. Both USA and Europe spent over 6 trillion USD to save their banks.

Are you curious about what Pieter Hoff says in his book The Treesolution? Click on the link below to go to the official website and the download the book for free

Just a dream, or reality? 

Is the Treesolution and Pieter Hoffs' vision just a dream, or is it reality? Two Dutch scientists have analyzed the Treesolution and wrote a sientific paper about this. Curious about the results? Download the paper below!