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Are you or do you know an artist?

All artists work together! We are looking for 45 artists from 45 different countries who can/want to make a sculpture with the theme of love, hope and friendship. All sculptures will continually be exhibited along The Wall of Friendship® between the United States and Mexico. Every 70 kilometers we’ll exhibit a sculpture. Would you like to know more about the sculptures and how you can participate? Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Give Nature a hand!

Trees sometimes need some extra help to grow, especially in the first years. In order to give the trees a good start and make The Wall of Friendship® a big success, we will use the  Growboxx® plant cocoon - an intelligent bucket - as a planting tool. With the Growboxx® plant cocoon it becomes possible to plant a 3,200 kilometer long wall of trees in a variety of soil types and in a variety of climates. Through the Growboxx® plant cocoon the root system of the tree is encouraged to seek independent water within 9 to 12 months, and will then survive independently. The Growboxx® uses no energy and is fully biodegradable! Wondering how this works? Check out the video below.


Build the most beautiful wall on earth!

The Green Musketeer Fund is set up to plant trees, without profit. Do you want to help the Green Musketeer Fund to build the most beautiful wall on earth? Donate 25 USD and plant a tree! Would you like to donate more? That is possible. Multiply the number of trees you want to plant with 25 USD! Want to know more about this project? Click here!


Pre-order the Growboxx® plant cocoon!

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The Growboxx plant cocoon cannot only be used to plant a long wall of trees, but you can also use the box to plant (fruit)trees, shrubs or flowers in, for example, your garden. Are you interested in pre-ordering the Growboxx® plant cocoon? Don't miss this chance and go to our webshop! We deliver the carton with 10 boxes based on the sequence of arrival of the payment. The estimated arrival date of the Growboxx® plant cocoon is July 2017. Orders of 1 pallet or more, that are invoiced through our administration, will be delivered based on arrival of 50% downpayment. The estimated arrival date will be notified through mail.