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  • Left picture: The Ghaf tree one year after planting with the Waterboxx® plant cocoon. Right picture: 2 year old Ghaf trees. Despite the heat and the drought, we achieved an unprecedented high survival rate in the Kuwait desert
  • Become a Green Musketeer and let us plant a tree for you! Donate a Tree of Friendship or help the youth in M’hamid El Ghizlane with a greener Saharan desert.
  • Be one of the first who plants in the new water-saving way. Pre-order the Growboxx® plant cocoon in our online shop!

News updates about and from Groasis

Time laps Waterboxx in DubaiDo you want to be amazed? Check out this video of the growth of a Ghaf tree that we have planted with the Waterboxx® plant cocoon in Dubai! We only gave water during the plantation

Facebook logoHave you always wanted to try the Waterboxx® plant cocoon for free? It is possible! We have started win action on Facebook. If you like our post, you make a chance to win!

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Groasis is National Icon of the Netherlands

National Icon of the Netherlands

Enjoy our Triple 90 benefits

Groasis is know for her unique Triple 90 Benefits. While you plant with our technology, you will always plant 90% cheaper than traditional irrigation methods (like drip irrigation), you will always use 90% less water and you will achieve a survival rate of +90%! What are you waiting for? Try it yourself

triple 90 benefits of the groasis ecological water saving technology save water while planting trees in combination with shrubs bedding plants plants flowers vegetables

Plant big or mature trees with the Growboxx®

Change your way of planting! Until recently, you could only plant young saplings with our technology. But what if we told you that we have made huge improvements with our design? Yes, you can now plant big or mature trees in combination with bedding plants, native shrubs, plants or vegetables! Find here all the possibilities >>

20170830 The Growboxx plant cocoon to plant mature trees

**Special offer** 

Start a Growboxx® plant cocoon project together with your community! When you order 100 Growboxxes, you only pay €5,99 per box. The Growboxx® gives you the opportunity to green up your neighborhood, your garden or create a small forest. Enjoy our unique ‘Triple 90 benefits’ today – save up to 90% water, achieve a survival rate of +90% and reduce the costs with 90%! Your trial starts here >>