Groasis Waterboxx: anti- desertification technology to plant trees in dry areas!
  • Biodegradable paper lid for coffee cups by Groasis now available!

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  • We invest in a sustainable future!

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  • Groasis cooperates with UN World Food Programme to reach 'Zero Hunger by 2030'

    World Food Programme Innovation Accelerator Zero Hunger By 2030 with the Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology v2
  • Groasis helps solve the food and water problem

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  • Groasis, chosen as most innovative company of the Netherlands in 2018, also supports school children in Ecuador

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  • Groasis, National Icon of the Netherlands, also supports the Sahara Roots project in Marocco

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Enjoy our 'Triple 90 benefits'

Groasis is known for her unique Triple 90 Benefits. While you plant with our technology, you will always plant 90% cheaper than traditional irrigation methods (like drip irrigation), use 90% less water and you will achieve a survival rate of +90%! What are you waiting for? Try it yourself

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