Groasis Waterboxx: anti- desertification technology to plant trees in dry areas!
  • Biodegradable paper lid for coffee cups by Groasis now available!

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  • We invest in a sustainable future!

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  • Groasis cooperates with UN World Food Programme to reach 'Zero Hunger by 2030'

    World Food Programme Innovation Accelerator Zero Hunger By 2030 with the Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology v2
  • Groasis helps solve the food and water problem

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  • Groasis, chosen as most innovative company of the Netherlands in 2018, also supports school children in Ecuador

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  • Groasis, National Icon of the Netherlands, also supports the Sahara Roots project in Marocco

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News updates about and from Groasis


wfpinnovationacc blue kopie A series of testimonials (in English and Spanish) of participating farmers on the World Food Programme 'Zero Hunger by 2030' in Ecuador and Colombia. Groasis is proud of the success and enthousiasm of these strong farmers!



logo letsgroAt the Let's Gro 2019 festival in the city of Groningen Pieter Hoff delivered an inspiring presentation about the Groasis technology, using the Waterboxx as an example, and how planting (and preserving) trees is the best, most sustainable and economically best solution to solve the global CO2 problems.


YouTubeTibetToday we launched a new YouTube video, featuring the Groasis project in Tibet: 'Reforestation and anti desertification in Lhasa Tibet'. Watch it here:


Galapagos Hope for the FutureThe documentary movie 'Galapagos, Hope for the Future' was launched in Amsterdam, in which the Groasis project GalapagosVerde2050 is featuring. The film also was shown at the WildLife Film Festival in Rotterdam and will be touring in movie theatres all over the Netherlands and the world.



Pieter Hoff visited Mexico to speak at a Breakfast Conference organised by the Embassy of the Netherlands, named Corporate Social Responsibility: beyond reforestation


Rafiki You Tube video icon Groasis presents the 'Rafiki', a biodegradable paper cup lid for coffee cups, tea cups and soda cups. Watch our introductory video here.  



Groasis is featuring with an article a the digital magazine 'Aletta', pages 70-71


1 Groasis Founder Pieter Hoff at Groasis planting area on top of mine dump in Wuhai region ChinaPieter Hoff visited two Groasis projects in China, one in Lhasa Tibet and one in Wuhai, Inner Mongolia, both focusing on ecosystem restoration. Videos of these visits can be found on our YouTube channel



Brabant Box YT video iconGroasis is briefly featuring in a promo film of innovative companies in the province of Brabant. Pieter Hoff draws his ideas of the Waterboxx on a bar in a café in the town of Steenbergen.



For two World Food Programme projects we ship in total 15,800 plant cocoons. To Chad: 3000 Waterboxxes+ 4200 Growboxxes + Growsafes and to Algeria: 3000 Waterboxxes+5600 Growboxxes + Growsafes. Excellent spin-off of earlier WFP project in Ecuador and Colombia. More to follow


Groasis organised a  lunch meeting to give a peak preview into the intended offering of Digital Securities, meaning that interested (private) parties will be able to buy digital shares in Groasis, become a co-owner and help the company grow and realise its goals to (re)plant 2 billion hectares of degraded land. More info follows and check:  


GES2019 logoGroasis participates in the GES2019, Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2019, organised in The Hague



EenVandaag pictogramEen Vandaag: Door deze 'slimme emmer' groeien bomen in de woestijn

In this Dutch television broadcast you can see how EenVandaag went with us to Abu Dhabi and Pieter Hoff tells you more about the success of our 'smart buckets'.

Pieter Hoff with the Waterboxx on Chocolatera Rock in Ecuador tells you his vision on the Dutch Climate AgreementDid you know that the amount of water you normally need for planting 1 tree can be used for planting 7,500 trees? We will tell you more about it in this interview with Radio1.


Reversing climate change

Enjoy our 'Triple 90 benefits'

Groasis is known for her unique Triple 90 Benefits. While you plant with our technology, you will always plant 90% cheaper than traditional irrigation methods (like drip irrigation), use 90% less water and you will achieve a survival rate of +90%! What are you waiting for? Try it yourself

triple 90 benefits of the groasis ecological water saving technology save water while planting trees in combination with shrubs bedding plants plants flowers vegetables


Visiting the LIFE+ projects after 5 years