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  • Reforesting the world starts with you. Yes, you. Did you know that you can be a part of our ‘Green Revolution’? Individuals or companies can buy shares of ‘Friends of Groasis’ and help us to reach our mission and vision. Don’t wait any longer and start 2017 with a good feeling! 
  • We are active on different social media channels like Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, Instagram and more! Tag us in your nature posts or use #Groasis #Waterboxx #Growboxx or #GreenMuskteer! At the bottom of this page you can find the other links to our social media channels. Spread the word and green the world!
  • Thanks to winning the National Icon Award last October in the Netherlands, we will receive the next few years a lot of support from the Dutch government. Also in 2017, we will work very hard to make the world greener. But we cannot do this without your help! Not only large projects, but also small projects will be appreciated! Second photo shows the 3 National Icon winners, from left to right: Rick Siebers (Redstack), Mark Rutte (Prime Minister), Pieter Hoff, Patrick de Jager (ASML).
  • We have more than 2 billion hectares of degraded farmland in the world. These hectares’ cause problems like dropping water tables, sand storms and more. The Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology is the plant technology to reforest those hectares again with productive trees like fruit trees! Click here to calculate the costs of your own project with our technology. 

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The Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technolog is a life changing planting technology. See how the Growboxx® plant cocoon, a part of our technology, works. 

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Reforesting the world starts with you. Yes, you. This year you can become a member of the 'Green Revolution' of Groasis. But how? We at Groasis have founded 'Friends of Groasis' and we sell shares in several price ranges. When you become a 'Friend of Groasis', we will donate on your behalve several Growboxx® plant cocoons to families who need them the most. In addition you will receive, when Groasis makes a profit, dividend! Click here for more information.