Innovative products and technologies to reforest the globe

Groasis constantly works on developing new inventions and innovating current products to make them more effective and efficient. You may have heard of Groasis through our Waterboxx® plant cocoon invention, yet we have many other exciting products in store for you! Our main focus areas remain: water efficiency, erosion, deforestation, desertification, poverty, the food crisis, unemployment, labour, rural-urban migration and constant climate change.

Grow vegetables with less water than drip irrigation with the Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology

You can grow vegetables in the Groasis Waterboxx® plant cocoon in a water saving way! Save money on energy, water and irrigation systems. 

The products of Groasis to plant in a water saving way

The Groasis Waterboxx® plant cocoon

The Waterboxx® plant cocoon is made of polypropylene.The Waterboxx® plant cocoon enables the growth of trees, bushes and plants in extreme circumstances – like planting trees in deserts - where the survival rate of either of these is very low. The Waterboxx® plant cocoon guarantees a survival rate of over 90% without using irrigation technologies and can be re-used up to 10 times. Additionally, a unique selling point is that the Waterboxx® plant cocoon uses 90% less water than a normal plant would need as the technology develops a water feeding system. To purchase the Groasis Waterboxx® plant cocoon, you can take a look at our shop.

The Groasis Growboxx® plant cocoon

Our newest invention and winner of the National Icons of 2016! This biodegradable Growboxx® plant cocoon enables planting in difficult areas such as rocks and mountains. This Growboxx® plant cocoon is greener, smarter and will be more affordable. It additionally enables you to plant on damaged and salted dunes. Another advantage of the Growboxx® plant cocoon is that you do not have to remove the box after one year. For more information about the Growboxx® plant cocoon, please click here. As we are still working on the final developments, the Growboxx® plant cocoon is not in store for you yet. Continue to follow us on social media for the official date!

The Groasis Growsafe Telescoprotexx

When you plant a tree in an area where goats, sheep, rabbits or other animals live, it may occur that they will eat your plants. When the animals eat your young trees, they will die. The Growsafe Telescoprotexx will protect your trees against grazing animals, the sun and the Growsafe can grow together with you tree! The Growsafe Telescoprotexx prevents the destruction of your plants, trees or bushes from these animals. For more information about the Groasis Growsafe Telescoprotexx, please click here.

The Groasis Capillary Drills

Planting trees in hot and dry areas can be labor-intensive and takes a lot of time. To make planting holes for trees in these hot and dry areas in a fast and efficient way, Groasis has developed multiple drills who leave the capillary intact. There are 6 drills for each soil type. With the drills, you can make 6.000 planting holes per day in every circumstance! Click on the following link for more information about the Capillary Drills

The Groasis Terracedixx

A lot of rainwater is lost when it is incorporated into the soil. The water is mostly discharged to rivers that flow into the sea. In order to ensure that the water in the surface of the earth remains, Groasis has developed the Terracedixx. The Terracedixx can be installed behind a tractor and can make mini-terraces. These terraces provide a 25 to 90% better penetration of the rainwater into the ground. As a results, trees and plants can grow better and you need less additional water. Find more information about the Terracedixx here.