Plant trees and bushes with the capillairy drills

In order to have better results from the Groasis Waterboxx® and Growboxx plant cocoon, Groasis has developed the Groasis capillary drills. There were several reasons for its development. Ranging from cost and labor savings to increasing the success rate of the Waterboxx® and Growboxx plant cocoon. Read here why Groasis has developed the several capillary drills. 

Make fast planting holes with one of the capillary drills

Creating planting holes is often time consuming and labor intensive. Especially when you cooperate on major projects of several acres. It can also be, that you have to make planting holes in rocky soil. There are many advantages of making planting holes with the Groasis capillary drills, including:

  • It doesn’t matter how high the temperature it, the tractor can make up to 6.000 planting holes per day;
  • Every planting hole is 15 centimeters deep and the same;
  • The different capillary drills will leave the capillary structure intact. And that means that as soon as the tree is rooting below that planting hole, the tree will find humidity;
  • It doesn’t matter for the capillary drill how steep the slope is. The drill will always be vertical. And that means that the drill will always make a horizontal bottom.

How to make planting holes

Groasis has developed six different models. We have created a machine for each soil type and planting circumstances that may occur. To get a good image of the Groasis capillary drills, check out our datasheet. For more information about the drills, please check the video below. 

The different capillary drills

Make fast and cheap planting holes in every soil - let the capillary structure intact and use the capillary drills of Groasis

The Groasis direct capillary drill, double capillary drill and orchard capillary drill. A new, fast and successful way to plant trees.

The 6 different capillary drills of Groasis make it possible to make planting holes on every soil type, regardless the climate. The Direct Capillary Drill (shown left on the image above) makes it possible to make planting holes on soft soil. The Double Capillary Drill works in the same way as the as the Direct Capillary Drill, but plural (see the image in the center above). With the Rock Capillary Drill, planting holes can be made on rocks or on a surface with stones. It is also possible to buy the head of the Rock drill and adapt this on another capillary drill (except for the Orchard Drill). Too make planting holes in an orchard, use the Orchard Capillary Drill shown right on the image above). Are there any hard to reach places? Use the Crane Capillary Drill.

Are you interested in one of the Groasis Capillary Drills? Please contact us and we will be happy to help you!