Protect your trees with the Growsafe Telescoprotexx

Do you suffer from grazing animals like sheeps and goats? Or are there wild rabbits nibbling at your crops or young trees? Groasis has found the perfect solution for these problems! The Groasis Growsafe Telescoprotexx is a cheap and flexible solution to protect your plants, trees and bushes and to let them grow safe.

The unique green color of the Growsafe Telescoprotexx filters the light, the plant remains cool during hot summer days and your plant will be protected from the devastating effects of grazing animals. The Growsafe Telescoprotexx can grow together with your tree to an unlimited high! Don’t wait any longer and protect your trees and plants today.

The problems of the present plant protectors are

Light intensity, high temperatures and grazing by hares, rabbits, deer, goats, sheep and camels, are the biggest causes of erosion, besides drought. Growers lose millions of dollars because of these problems. Crops get lost. Young saplings have no chance to survive the first years. The present solutions are not able to solve these problems. The present solutions suffer from several important problems. When you plant your tree, you will face a couple problems. Problems other plant protectors don’t have a solution for:  

  • The plant protectors do not protect against high light intensity and heat in summer;
  • The plant protectors do not protect against frost in winter;
  • The plant protectors are not tall enough;
  • The plant protectors cannot grow with the tree;
  • If you use a tall protector, over 50 cm high, you need an expensive stick to support it
  • The plant protectors are sold as a tube, so voluminous and expensive to transport. Therefore, they are seldom sold in developing countries as the cost price including transport goes up to over 2 Euros per tube;
  • The tubular plant protectors are expensive to produce, so expensive to buy
  • After three years of intensive research Groasis has invented a protector that has resolved the described challenges. The commercial name is “Growsafe Telescoprotexx” plant protector.

After an intensive research of 3 years, the Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology has found the solution for all the problems above. The Groasis Growsafe Telescoprotexx is the solution!

Benefits of planting with the Growsafe Telescoprotexx

Where other plant protectors fall short, the Growsafe Telescoprotexx offers the right solution. The benefits of the Growsafe Telescoprotexx are:

  • The Growsafe Telescoprotexx protects your plants with success;
  • The Growsafe standard height is 50 cm;
  • The Growsafe functions as a telescope. You can flexibly protect your plants to unlimited heights by just adding and connecting the next tube to it. On the image below, you can see that the Growsafe Telescoprotexx can grow together with your tree;

Protect your tree against animals with the Growsafe Telescoprotexx plant protector from Groasis

Protect your plants and trees against grazing animals like sheep, goats and rabbits with the plant protector from Groasis

  • The flexible Growsafe does not need a stick to support. The growing tree itself supports the Growsafe Telescoprotexx;
  • You buy the Growsafe Telescoprotexx as a sheet. There are 32,000 sheets on one pallet. The transport costs are therefore low enabling it to be exported to developing countries. On the image below you can see how the plant protector looks like when it is not enabled;

You can easily assemble the Growsafe Telescoprotexx plant protector

  • The Growsafe Telescoprotexx is inexpensive to produce. We want that everyone can afford our technology, so we will sell the plant protector cheap;
  • Instead of using ventilation to cool down the plant, the Growsafe Telescoprotexx unique special color filters the light. Blue and red light, necessary for the photosynthesis, are allowed to enter 100%. The rest of the light waves are filtered out. The light intensity is reduced and the temperature cools down in summer. The plant will grow fast without being stressed by the sun;
  • As the Growsafe Telescoprotexx uses filtering the light and doesn´t use ventilation to cool down the plant, the plant evaporates less in summer. This effect reduces the need for water. In some countries, young saplings die during the winter period caused by the extremely cold dry winds. The Growsafe also protects the plant against these winds;
  • The Growsafe produces water when there are circumstances with condensation. The water tower function improves the working of the Growboxx® plant cocoon and/or Waterboxx® plant cocoon.

The Growsafe Telescoprotexx is a flexible inexpensive plant protector that reduces the light intensity, cools down the plant in summer, protects the plant from frost in the winter, protects against wind, (sand)storms, protects against grazing animals and under certain circumstances it produces condensation. With the help of this easy to implement protection, planted trees grown approximately 25% faster to a height high enough to survive without protector. Buy the Growsafe Telescoprotexx here and here you want to read the Groasis Growsafe Telescoprotexx Anti-Grazing Protector manual.

Get the most from the growth of your plant! 

It is extremely important to assemble the Growsafe Telescoprotexx correctly. If this is not done correctly, the Growsafe Telescoprotexx will lose its telescope function. On the picture below, you can see how to assemble the plant protector. To read the complete manual, please click here. If you want to order the Growsafe Telescoprotexx, please contact us and we will help you!

Assemble the plant protector Growsafe Telescoprotexx in a correct way and your plants and trees will grow faster, healthier and safer

The correct mounting of the plant protector. The left version is installed wrong. The right version is installed correctly.