Solving the food problem? Do it with the Treesolution!

We are with 7 billion people on this planet. Already 1 billion of them have hunger. In 2050 we will be with 10 billion people, so we must find a solution to raise the food production to meet the demands in the future.

How can we solve the food problem?

The food problem can be solved by planting trees. In the world, there is (more than) 2 billion hectares of degraded farmland available that once was covered with trees. Trees have and can grow again on this land. If we plant these areas again with trees that produce food, we can solve the food problem. Or could we solve the food problem with nuts

Which trees are suitable?

Fruits of trees and shrubs constitute a considerable part of our food. It is impossible to imagine cooking without olives and olive oil. Not counting the enormous arsenal of fruit, they also produce coffee, cocoa, coconut and a prodigious quantity of varieties of nuts which are incorporated and used in all kinds of dishes.

The factor “tree” has become an essential part of the modern food industry, and food producing trees are often one of the fastest growers. With the Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology entire areas of currently worthless land can be made available for their cultivation!

Just a calculation:

  • 1 hectare of fruit trees is able to produce 5,000 kilos of fruit;
  • hectares of fruit trees x 5,000 kilos = kilos of fruit;
  • Herewith we can easily feed the people in 2050;
  • That is 1.000 kilos of fruit per person per year;
  • 20 Kilos of fruit per person per week.

Hunger doesn’t have to be a problem. Help us with solving the food problem and start your own project today

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