GREEN MUSKETEER “Let’s reforest the world” documentary


GENRE: Documentary
LENGTH: 50-70 minutes
DIRECTOR: Melchert Meijer zu Schlochtern & Babette Vermunt
PRODUCER: Greendocs Film


Green Musketeer is a documentary about Pieter Hoff, inventor of the Waterboxx® and Growboxx® and thus National Icon of the Netherlands. 

Water issues, climate change, biodiversity, desertification, food and hunger are some of the major problems mankind faces today. Pieter Hoff saw this like no other and sold his successful lily breeding company in 2000, so he could spend the rest of his life as an inventor working on CO2 reduction, ecosystem restoration, agroforestry, food production, poverty alleviation and emancipation. Amongst others, this resulted in his inventions the Waterboxx® and Growboxx®; two 'intelligent buckets', making it possible to plant any tree, shrub or vegetable anywhere in the world - without irrigation. Pieter spent every day of his life on his mission to plant two billion hectares of trees (one trillion trees) and fight water shortages in the driest corners of the world. When Pieter dies in 2021, his son Wout musters up all his courage to continue with the company and continue his father's mission.

The documentary raises the question of whether Pieter will succeed in accomplishing his mission. Success takes more than just a good invention. Time is running out for the Earth, and time is running out for Pieter too when his health deteriorates. By contrasting the simplicity of his ideas, against the complexity of the problems he faces, a beautifully layered film is created. With this we want to inspire the next generation, just like Pieter inspired the people around him: ”Look at the possibilities and not just at the problems that lie ahead”. By transferring Pieter's knowledge and zest for life, the documentary shows how each person can provide a livable environment.

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Whilst many recordings have been made of Pieter's work, the documentary is not yet finished. Unfortunately, Pieter passed away but the story of Pieter's mission does not end with his death. Greendocs Film would like to make additional recordings to show how his son Wout continues to accomplish that mission. In order to finish the film, the aid of other professionals is also needed. Greendocs Film has now raised € 30,000 and this year will finalise the documentary and get it ready to be broadcasted around the world. Thank you very much for your contributions! 

However, for a more professional finish they ideally need € 47,000 and hence your donations continue to be requested.Greendocs Film will spend this on recordings with Wout (abroad), audio post-processing, sound design, music, final editing, design, production and marketing. Will you help us finalize the documentary to ensure that the world can learn more about Pieter’s vision?


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Donation levels

  • donations 5 to 100 euros: Thank you for the donation, we are very happy with it!! 
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  • 300 euros or more: You can also participate in a “thank you screening”. This will be an online live movie screening. Melchert will be hosting at least two live online screenings of the film. Watch from your computer or mobile device, and after each screening he will join a chat to answer as many of your questions about the film as possible through a 1-hour online Q&A. Takes place within 1 month of the premiere.
  • 500 euros or more: To thank you for this large donation, you will also receive 2 tickets for the premiere (at a cinema in the Netherlands) in addition to the above. Travel & accommodation need to be arranged by yourself.
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  • 5,000 euros or more: We are speechless, this helps us a lot. In addition to all the aforementioned considerations, you will receive a signed and framed nature photo made by Melchert.
  • 10,000 euros or more: Yippee! We will rent a cinema near you for a private screening, and show the film to you and your guests (max 50). This will take place in the first 6 weeks after the premiere. If this is outside the Netherlands, you will have to provide for our travel and accommodation (2 people). 
  • 15,000 euros or more: Marvellous. In addition to all the above (except for the private screening), you will receive a fully catered weekend in Schiermonnikoog (a beautiful island in the Netherlands) with a masterclass course in landscape photography by Melchert and Babette (excludes travel costs to Schiermonnikoog). 

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About Greendocs Film

Using the name Greendocs Film, Melchert Meijer zu Schlochtern and Babette Vermunt work on special documentaries. Melchert is an ecologist and has worked as a photographer, cameraman and director on various film productions since 2010. As a cameraman and field director and editor of cinema films WAD (2018) and GRUTTO! (2022) but also on TV documentaries such as Levende Rivier, Schatkamer van de Veluwe and Het WAD (4-part series NPO1). Babette is a biology teacher and communication scientist and works at all levels to ensure each story is well-told. View more of our work at