Do good, go for green!

As you might know, Groasis has won the National Icon Award in October 2016. The National Icon Award was presented by Minister Kamp (Minister of Economic Affairs of the Netherlands). As the Dutch cabinet suggests, the National Icons illustrate the innovative power of the Netherlands to develop technological solutions that address social and environmental issues. Our award-winning innovation will help to improve the world through making degraded land fertile again for the production of food, to reduce the CO2 concentration in the air, to increase the water tables and more. This way it will help to fight hunger, erosion, save scarce fresh water, create jobs and wealth.

The development of Groasis

Groasis has developed several products over the last couple of years to realize The Treesolution. Our first product was a “plastic intelligent bucket”, called: the Waterboxx® plant cocoon. The Waterboxx® plant cocoon allows you to plant a tree, shrubs or vegetables in a sustainable, responsible and water saving way.

This year we added the Growboxx® plant cocoon, a biodegradable box made from recycled paper pulp, to our product portfolio. The Growboxx® plant cocoon works in the same way as the Waterboxx® plant cocoon, but the box is made from recycled paper and allows the planter to plant of a tree in combination with 4 vegetables, shrubs or wildflowers that grow hydroponically in the lid.

When planting a fruit tree in combination with 4 vegetables, the money required for buying the box, sapling and vegetable seeds can be earned from the vegetable harvest in the first planting year. Aside of the generated income that the planter will receive after a couple of years from the harvest of the fruit tree. All this can be reached with over 90% higher water efficiency in comparison with traditional irrigation/planting methods.

A greener world for everyone

To ensure that the Growboxx® plant cocoon is affordable for the people who need it the most, we have the dream to produce on a global local scale. When producing locally, we will be close to the buyer’s market and we can give people the support that they need. At the moment, we are already producing in South-America, but there are many more places on this world where the local population need our product!

For this reason, we want to ask people who want to invest in startups, to take a look at our company and read our mission and vision. If you agree that our mission and vision are worth achieving, and believe that Groasis can – then please invest in Groasis. When you invest in startups, in an innovative company like ours, you do not only give us the opportunity to grow internationally, but you give the poor farmers in developing countries and dry areas a chance to grow fruit trees and vegetables and make a living. Besides that, we aim to offer you an attractive financial return on your investment.

Investing in startups, such as our startup Groasis, is also financially interesting. You don’t only get the opportunity to let us hear your thoughts and ideas, but you will receive an annual dividend anytime we make a profit. Besides that, we believe that the value of your shares will increase over time – thereby generating good returns on the capital you invested. You can invest in our startup by buying shares of €6,000€12,000€30,000 and €60,000. You are free to buy as many shares as you would like, and they are freely transferable. For more information about the shares, please click here

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