How to plant with the technology of Groasis?

If you plant trees with the Waterboxx®plant cocoon, you can get a survival rate of more than 90% and water savings of 99%. Even if you plant in climates with minimum rainfall; on dry, eroded and rocky soils and even while planting with temperatures of more than 40C! But, to receive those numbers, you have to plant trees with the Waterboxx® plant cocoon in a correct way.

On this page, we will teach you step by step how you have to plant with the Waterboxx® plant cocoon. If you have other questions, please read the pages that you can find on this website or go to our FAQ.

Manual Waterboxx plant cocoon

Download: Tree Planting Manual Waterboxx plant cocoon English.pdf

Download: Waterboxx planting manual - English - 1 pager.pdf

Download: Vegetables Planting Manual Waterboxx plant cocoon English.pdf

What do you need to know before planting?

Before you start planting, you must be sure that the young tree or plant has downwards growing pen roots. This is critical while planting. If you have pen roots that grow horizontally, please follow the instructions in this video to cut them correctly.

To watch the video of the instructions below, please click here to watch the planting of trees in the desert of Dubai