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The end of Climate Change?

On January 20, 2017 the next President of the United States, Mr. Donald J. Trump was inaugurated. One of his first actions was to remove all information from the White House website about climate change. When you follow the COP22 news, you find that now most of the governments worldwide – including the United States – have committed to take measures to help prevent the world’s average temperature rise with more than 2⁰C.

I think that is great. However, can some of those measures not be done in a more efficient way, meaning that we have more CO2 removed, or less produced, for the same amount of money? The removal of CO2 through photosynthesis with the Treesolution – which you know that we promote since 2008 – can be done on a wealth creating basis. The Treesolution is cheap to help prevent climate change, while in the same time it also makes food, timber, medicines, oils, creates jobs and puts over 30% of the C atoms in the soil, thus creating humus and making the soil fertile.

I believe in the power of America to help solve the problem of over-concentration of CO2 in our atmosphere. Today it was announced that Chili is so hot, that it has over 100 forests of in total 386,000 hectares (965,000 acres) burning at this moment of writing. When the Summer goes to the Northern hemisphere, the countries in the North, amongst them America, will be vulnerable again. I hope there will be a moment that everybody who really wants to protect Mother Earth will seriously consider the Treesolution as one of the best practices to help prevent climate change.

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  • Download Pieter Hoff’s book ‘The Treesolution’ for free here.
  • Read a very interesting article of the World Resources Institute from Washington, they are President Trump’s neighbours, about what trees can do for us, here.