Download free pictures of several planting projects

We have done different projects in Ecuador, amongst them the Agua, Vida Y Naturaleza project. Not only (fruit)trees were planted with this project, but also vegetables. We have managed to build a nursery where the temperature inside is lower than outside, without the use of energy. Curious about the pictures of the nursery and how we – in collaboration with the local community – have planted trees? 

Projects in Jordan

Different tree/plant species were planted with the Waterboxx® plant cocoon. Amongst them grapes. Different grape plants were planted with the Waterboxx® plant cocoon in Jordan. Download here the pictures to see how much the grape plant has grown in 46 days. 

Planting trees in the desert of Kuwait

The temperatures can rise above 50C in the desert of Kuwait! This was a great challenge for us to see how many of the just planted trees would survive without the use of irrigation, but with the Waterboxx® plant cocoon. Eventually 100% of the Ghaf trees survived. Download the pictures with the results or go to the project page. 

Planting trees without rainfall?

Is it impossible to plant trees on a place that didn’t had rainfall for over 20 years? Not with the Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology! We planted with success trees with the Waterboxx® plant cocoon in Ancon Lima (Peru). After a year, the trees were already 2 meters! Curious about the results? 

The LIFE+ projects

In collaboration with the European Commission Environment Life Program, Groasis has done multiple projects in Spain. Totally, 63 hectares were planted with the Waterboxx® plant cocoon. The areas were in the provinces Valladolid, León, Zamora, Zaragoza and Barcelona. Download the pictures below to see the project locations and what the results were.

The plant instructions of the Waterboxx® plant cocoon

Do you want to learn how you have to plant with the Waterboxx® plant cocoon? We made a clear map that shows the plant instructions. When you follow all the plant instructions, you will achieve the highest survival rate as possible! The map is displayed in 5 different languages, namely: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Dutch. 

National Icon of the Netherlands

In 2016, Groasis has been awarded as National Icon of the Netherlands with her innovative invention: the Growboxx® plant cocoon. Download below the picture of the Growboxx® plant cocoon with the National Icons Award.

  Garpe plant planted with the Groasis Waterboxx without drip irrigation in Jordan - it is possible with the Waterboxx (intelligent bucket)

De Waterboxx® plant cocoon - a 3 months old grape plant in Jordan