Receive a higher water infiltration with the Groasis Terracedixx

Degraded land receives many times more rain than we think. The Netherlands, for example, has 650mm of rainfall per annum. The degraded farmland of Monterrey Mexico has 680mm rainfall per annum. How can it be that the Netherlands has less rain, but has a more fertile soil?

The problem in many degraded farmland areas is not the quantity. The problem is that the water falls in a peak of for instance only a few weeks. The next problem in many degraded areas is that the rain falls on slopes and then flows out into streams and rivers that convey the water to the sea. All this precious fresh water gets lost. When areas are degraded and eroded, there is often a hardpan and only 20 or 25% of the water enters into the soil.

When we look back in history, we see that the traditional local communities were smarter. They solved the loss of rainwater by the construction of terraces in the hills and on mountains. If rain falls on the terraces, it flowers down into the terrace soil, so it stays in the hill or in the mountain instead of flowing into the rivers. If we do it like the traditional local communities, the water infiltration will be much higher.

Make terraces in a new way with the Groasis Terracedixx

Existing terraces are getting lost due the emigration of people from the countryside to urban areas. Therefore, we have developed another method that achieves the same goal as the historic terraces. With the Groasis Terracedixx we can ensure that rainwater doesn’t run of the slope, but penetrates the hill or mountainside instead.

We were inspired by the traditional terracing method and it has an equal result. However, there are 2 important differences:

  1. The mini-terraces are made by a machine, so they are cheap, easy and fast to make;
  2. The mini-terracing method is designed in such a way that rainwater is canalled to the planted trees. In this way, we raise the available quantity of water to the planted trees.

Let water infiltration rise by 300% using Groasis Terracedixx - Groasis ensures maximum yield during planting

The Groasis Terracedixx

How does it work?

Instead of making terraces by hand, the Terracedixx creates a ‘crack’ of 60cm deep with a small canal next to it. In this way, we break the so-called hardpan or crust which stimulates that oxygen and water can penetrate the soil. The canal collects the rainfall that flows off the inclined slopes and helps it penetrate the soil via the crack where the trees are planted. The canals are made exactly on the place of the plant rows. Watch this video on our YouTube channel to see how the Terracedixx works.

Terraces in Peru that have been abandoned and the terraces made by Groasis for better water infiltration in the soil in rainfall

On the left side you see abandoned terraces in Peru. On the right side you see the Waterboxx® plant cocoon in the 'cracks' made by the Terracedixx

What are the results

For example, you have an area where you have a precipitation of 200mm = 2.000.000 liters per hectare. Without terraces, 80% of the rainwater gets lost and flows into rivers. This is 1.6000.000 liters per hectare, and there will be only 400.000 liters left for the trees.

With the mini terraces that are made by the Groasis Terracedixx, 20% will get lost and flows into rivers. There won’t be 400.000 liters left for the trees, but 1.600.000 liters per hectare!

This is an improvement of 1.200.000 liters per hectare = 300% more water available for the growth of the trees!