Latest updates from and about Groasis 2018

31-12-2018 Read the new scientific report from India with results of the Growboxx®
21-12-2018 Press release: The Dutch climate agreement can be better and cheaper (Dutch)
21-12-2018 Read Pieter Hoff's new blog about why citizens are being fooled
18-12-2018 Press release about The Treesolution
18-12-2018 Listen to the annual overview of TopNames and hear more! (Dutch)
12-12-2018 Visit our new investments platform!
04-12-2018 We have a new Golden shareholder in Friends of Groasis! Thank you Testpeople for sharing our dream
19-10-2018 Have you read our latest interview already with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce
17-10-2018 Read the latest update of the World Food Programme Innovation Accelerator project "Zero hunger by 2030"
17-10-2018 Join one of the five iYoga workshops and help iYoga to plant trees in the Sahara Desert in Morocco
04-10-2018 Listen to Pieter Hoff on the Dutch BNR Nieuwsradio
27-09-2018 We have been chosen as the most innovative company in the Netherlands by the Chamber of Commerce!
10-09-2018 Vote for Groasis and help us win the MKB Innovation Public Prize
23-08-2018 For our new project, we've funded a greenhouse to the Podesta family in Mexico
22-08-2018 We have updated our General Terms and Conditions of Trading
13-08-2018 The JSDCBD celebrated the World Day to Combat Desertification by organizing a series of campaigns for children
31-07-2018 Read Mr. Bax his experience with gardening with the Waterboxx in the Tri-City Newspaper!
16-07-2018 Check out our new photo albums with projects in Iran
09-07-2018 Read the latest update of our 'Zero Hunger by 2030' project
04-07-2018 A squirrel is eating Bill McNeeses' tomatoes! Read the 8th report to find out of he could catch him
02-07-2018 Groasis has been selected as one of the 100 most Innovative companies of the Netherlands
02-07-2018 Read Bill McNeeses' 6th and 7th report about his Juliet tomato plant
13-06-2018 Read Bill McNeeses' 5th report about his Juliet tomato plant
11-06-2018 We've received a new update from the Groasis and WFP project 'Zero Hunger by 2030' in Colombia. Find out if we can help communities!
05-06-2018 We've updated the weekly report of Mr. Bill McNeese and his Juliet tomato plant!
30-05-2018 See our new photos in our 'Second Donation project' album
28-05-2018 Read our datasheet of the Groasis Terracedixx
24-05-2018 We have updated our cookie policy and our privacy statement
23-05-2018 Read our official press message of today of Mr. Bill McNeese and his Guinness Book of World Records application
22-05-2018 Mr. Bill McNeese is in the run for the new Guinness Book World Record of "Most tomatoes from a single plant".
15-05-2018 Read Pieter Hoffs new Green Musketeer blog
11-05-2018 The second round of the donated Waterboxxes have been planted
09-05-2018 Read the new scientific report of the University of Ilam
03-05-2018 Read the updates in of the WFP Innovation Accelerator project ''Zero Hunger by 2030''
03-05-2018 Read the scientific reports of our project with the Growboxx® in Mexico
01-05-2018 Look at our new photo album with photos of the Growboxx® in Gurgeon, India
30-04-2018 Read the scientific view of the Treesolution!
25-04-2018 Visit us till Friday the 29th at SIAM, the International Agricultural Show in Meknes, Morocco
24-04-2018 Check out our new photo album of Growboxxes that have been planted in January
17-04-2018 Start a discussion with other Green Musketeers on our new forum!
04-04-2018 See our new photo album with time-lapse pictures of trees in the Groasis boxes
27-03-2018 Click here for updates of the donation project for Christiaan Spronk!
13-03-2018 Are helping us with the legacy of Christiaan Spronk? Donate a tree for the refugee camp in Wadi Vera, Jordan
27-02-2018 Read the blog of Christina Nuñez on the website of Christens Institute
15-02-2018 Curious how the pilot of the WFP's Innovation Accelerator in Colombia is going so far? Read the diary
09-02-2018 See more about the Sahara Roots Foundation during the Taragalte Festival
05-02-2018 Read more about the Groasis project in the Saharan Desert in the newsletter of the Sahara Roots Foundation 
24-01-2018 We have added a new informative brochure in Persian!
19-01-2018 We updated our photo albums
17-01-2018 Check out the first donated Waterboxxes that have been planted in the Saharan Desert!
15-01-2018 Support Dew Harvest via their new Crowdfunding page! 
09-01-2018 VIDEO: Successfull reforestation at a garbage dump in Spain
01-01-2018 We are mentioned in the Blue Economy - written by Gunther Pauli