Donate a tree for the Sahara Desert project!

Groasis wants to contribute to replant the most unique, special and mostly dry areas on the world. One of these places can be found in the Saharan Desert in Morocco. And you can participate in this. With our donation projects we work together with the Dutch Sahara Roots Foundation. The founder, Wanda Helby, regularly takes the donated boxes from the Netherlands to Morocco. Here, together with the local population, she plants the trees and Waterboxxes for various projects.

One of the projects that have been using the donated boxes can be found in M’hamid El Ghizlane, a small place in the Saharan Desert. The project ‘Joudour Sahara’ has been started in this oasis. This new music program will focus on preserving valuable ancestral cultural knowledge, and will provide music education to the youth in the remote area of Morocco. At this moment, the lessons are given in a temporarily classroom under charge of an American organization, the Playing For Change Foundation.

Planting trees in the sahara desert with the sahara roots foundation

One of the earlier projects that were carried out by the Sahara Roots Foundation with students. Click here to see all the pictures of this project.

Donate and help us grow a new oasis!

To help the local youth and the people in the Sahara Desert of Morocco you can now donate a tree for € 25. And did you know that you are not actually donating a single tree, but around 10 trees? The Waterboxx® plant cocoon can still be used for at least 10 years and helps people not only now, but also in the future!

What we use your donation for

We've had two rounds in which the donated boxes have been used to plant new trees and shrubs. The Sahara Roots Foundation gives us a nice update with many photos after planting. To read more about the first planting round and to see all photos, click here. To read more about the second donation round, click here.

Currently the next 30 donated boxes have arrived in Morocco and a lot of work is being done to give the trees a nice place. Keep an eye on our website and newsletter because we will soon publish more about this! Have you not yet registered for our newsletter? At the bottom of the website there is a possibility to leave your details.