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Newsletter of 5 march 2014



First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Stephanie van Eerd and I am part of the younger generation that has truly been inspired by The Treesolution. I studied hospitality management and have lived abroad for the majority of my life. I have a passion for cultural differences, languages and understanding the personalization of products and services. What triggers people, why and how can we anticipate on this?

Groasis is currently undergoing many exciting changes and CEO Mr. Hoff was looking for someone to bring a 'young generation' perspective into the company with knowledge in several areas; we happened to be a perfect match! But enough about me, the reason why I am sending you a newsletter in this type of format this month is because we as Groasis want it to be more about you!


We strongly value your feedback and suggestions as our supportive Green Musketeers, and therefore ask you to share your thoughts with us. How satisfied are you with our services? What would you like to see as a point of improvement? Do you have any new ideas? Please feel free to share whatever is on your mind! If we promise to do our best to adapt to your needs and wants, will you actively help us to recruit more Green Musketeers?


We are proud to announce that we won the 2014 Accenture Green Tulip Award, which specifically applauds our sustainable innovation. We have also been nominated for Best Product for the Gulf in the Dubai AgraMe competition. Furthermore, we are now amongst the top three solutions for efficient water management within the Global Opportunity Report 2015! Do you think there is another contest we should participate in? Then let me know.


We want to know more about where The Treesolution is taking place, so aside from engaging through other social media platforms, also make sure to start using instagram. Please tag us in all the photos you currently have and keep tagging us in the future. We’d love to see where you are planting trees, what you are planting and how well they are doing. Make sure to tag @Groasis, hashtag the waterboxx #waterboxx, hashtag what you are growing #cucumbers and hashtag the place where you are. This way, I can keep following you!

Great moments happen around trees @Groasis, #waterboxx, #cucumbers, #Amsterdam, #the Netherlands.

Additionally, we are exploring crowdfunding opportunities, so stay tuned and check out how you can contribute to our fantastic and inspiring concept! Feel free to send crowdfunding ideas, potential press contacts, marketing and public relations concepts to my email.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Stephanie van Eerd