Introduction of the Growboxx plantcocoon®

Groasis patented the biodegradable Growboxxes plantcocoons® in 2011. It planted 8,000 biodegradable, made of recycled paper, in 24 countries between 2011 to 2015 In this video at 6:00 minutes, you can see our biggest trial plantation is San Mateo Spain. In this photo gallery you can see some of the great results. Based on the results of these 4 year long worldwide trials we applied new follow up patents in 2014 and introduce you 2 breakthrough models of the biodegradable Growboxx plantcocoon®:

1.The Growboxx plantcocoon® Model “Orchard & Garden” for 1 tree;

Growboxx plantcocoon Model Orchard Garden for 1 tree and or plant

The Growboxx plantcocoon® model “Orchard & Garden” is sold for an interesting ‘throw away’ price. The price reduction is depending on the order size, the price indication is between 1.99 to 2.99 Euros per tree. With this model you can plant one tree. 

2.The Growboxx plantcocoon® Model “Reforestation & Ecosystem restoration” for 1 tree and 4 plants or bushes;

Growboxx plantcocoon Model Reforestation and Ecosystem restoration for 5 trees and or plants

The Growboxx plantcocoon® model “Reforestation and Ecosystem restoration” is sold for an interesting ‘throw away’ price. The price reduction is depending on the order size, the price indication is around 0.68 cents per tree or plant. With this model, you can plant one tree in the center. Also, it allows you to plant four bushes, wild flowers or vegetables in the corners. You can use seed or plant plugs. The four plants will start to grow hydroponically and after a certain period, when the bottom starts to degrade, establish their root system in the soil. 

The Groasis Growboxx plantcocoon® has some of the same characteristics as the polypropylene Groasis Waterboxx plantcocoon®. For example:

  • The cover of the Groasis Growboxx plantcocoon® collects rain through the siphon;
  • You can plant two plants (or even more!) in one Groasis Growboxx plantcocoon®;


The Growsafe telescoprotexx speeds up plant growth with over 100% and helps protect against rabbits, hares, and larger animals like deer, goats and sheeps

IMG 0101

Here you see 2 “Prosopis Cineraria” in one Waterboxx plantcocoon®. They were both planted with equal height on June 14 – 2015 in Dubai. The photo is from 6 weeks after planting, August 3 – 2015. You see that the plant left in the Growsafe is already higher than 50 cm. The plant right is around 20 cm. The Growsafe causes over 50% faster growth.


Reforestation without using irrigation and with over 90% survival rate has never been so cheap. When you look at the transport costs, they are extreme low. In a 40Ft High Cube container will fit 10,500 Growboxx plantcocoons®. Also the Growsafe Telescoprotexx - effective for over 50% faster growth and protects your tree against all grazing animals - can be transported very cheap. You can transport 10,000 Growsafes per pallet, packed in boxes of 50 pieces. 

Some other characteristics of the Groasis Growboxx plantcocoon®

  • Food safe additives to make the Growboxx water tight (no bitumen used!);
  • The Growboxx cover can be put below the soil if you have problems with animals looking for water; the ingenious siphon will still collect the rain;
  • Siphon diameter is 3 cm wide to allow – if necessary – a quick refill with water;
  • Only 16 cm height – tree trunk remains above the soil – tree is not planted too deep;
  • Despite efficient size, one liter more water content than the polypropylene Groasis Waterboxx plantcocoon®;
  • No wick – water transport from the box to the tree, through the bottom. 
  • The bottom of the Growboxx plantcocoon® functions as a capillary;
  • The cover is fixed - it cannot be blown away; safe along roads and airports;
  • The recycled paper contains safe repellents that help protect the box against bacteria’s, slugs, termites and goats; 
  • Groasis’ distributors in 26 countries sell by the 10, by the pallet or by the container;
  • Once numbers are sufficient, we organize local production to reduce transport costs;
  • Transparent digressive prices with bigger quantities;

To purchase the Groasis Growboxx plantcocoon® ''Orchard & Garden'' or the Groasis Growboxx plantcocoon® ''Reforestation & Ecosystem restoration'', please go to our webshop. For technical information about both models, please download the datasheet.

The Growboxx plantcocoon®: fix it & forget it!