In the menu at the top of this page, you see a link ‘Learn to plant'. We have put a few documents there that help you developing your project. In its essence a restoration project is based on planting trees and select the species and planting density.

  • For the species to use we advise to look in your surroundings. Use the species that you see growing there. We have a preference for so-called ‘native species’. They start to multiply themselves after a few years;
  • Since you are going to restore the ecosystem, we suggest to help nature start. However let nature do the big work by multiplying itself. So plant 50 boxes per acre (125 per hectare) with in each box one tree species and one bush species. Use trees and bushes that produce berries. The birds will eat them, they will drop the seeds everywhere and within 10 years your area is replanted. So what you actually do is planting pioneer bushes and trees that colonize the area. They start to multiply themselves and then automatically the process of ecosystem restoration will accelerate;