You have to distinguish two ways of planting after the first stage: The first stage is the planting of the saplings in pots. This can be done with either seeds, or via cuttings. After that you can work in two ways:

  1. In two phases. First in a small plug (width x height = app. 6x10cm) and then transplant to a big one (width x height = app. 12x15cm).
  2. In one phase: immediately in a big pot or plastic bag.

We suggest to work in two phases. So first the small plug, then the big pot or plastic bag. The reason is that the germination of the seeds, or the rooting of the cuttings is a risky process, and if you have only 50% success ratio, you lose little space and little expensive soil.

Always check what the local experiences are, but in general we can say that in the tropics, where day length is approximately equal, you can sow your seed or make cuttings almost all year round.

Outside the tropics, either in the northern or southern hemisphere, you can plant or sow with the season, once a year. For the Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology we need saplings that are at least one year old. So after one year of being in the big plastic bag in the nursery, we bring the saplings to the field.

With the Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology you can plant any day of the year in the tropics. Outside the tropics you can also plant any day, if the frost is not colder than -5⁰C (+23⁰F). When you expect a colder frost, we advise to stop planting after October 1 in the northern hemisphere, and start again after the winter.