Growing organic peppers with urban farming

April 1st, 2015

Bill has grown multiple fruits and vegetables with the Waterboxx® plant cocoon in his garden. He shows you that you can, with some creativity, grow a lot of healthy fruits and vegetables in a water saving and ecological way. He has started growing biological peppers in Hemet, California. On the image below you can see multiple Waterboxx® plant cocoons beside each other with different vegetable varieties. 

The Groasis Waterboxx with different vegetables on April 12, 2015

Growing biological peppers

First of all, he used high quality material from Vintage Veggies. In the first Waterboxx® plant cocoon, two kinds of peppers were planted. First the ‘Giant Marconi’ and in addition the variety ‘Carmen’. The plants can grow well together in one Waterboxx® plant cocoon. Beneath the box, Mycorrhizae Fungi is added to stimulate the growth. The soil is also mixed with compost and an organic manure. No drip irrigation, insecticides and fungicides are used. 

Two different kinds of pepper plants grow together in a single Groasis Waterboxx

On July 3rd, 3 months after planting, the peppers look healthy. Since May 1st, every week a half a gallon (2 liters) of water was added in the box. On June 3rd, 2015, the fruits were ready to get harvested with a total of 24 fruits.  

The peppers grow rapidly thanks to the Groasis Waterboxx. Despite the warm weather, they have become large.

Two biological Marconi peppers who are produced in the Groasis Waterboxx