Dubai - Planting trees with temperatures above 40⁰C!

Support the growth of your tree with the Growsafe Telescoprotexx in Dubai

In the Dubai several projects have been conducted while planting Ghaf trees (Prosopis Cinerea). Various trees have been planted on 14th of June, 2015. In each Waterboxx® plant cocoon, 2 trees have been planted. One of the two trees received a Growsafe Telescoprotexx as a protection against the sun, and the other tree had to grow without.

The pictures below show the difference between the trees planted in Dubai with the Growsafe Telescoprotexx and the trees planted without the Growsafe Telescoprotexx. The temperature during the planting period was always above 40⁰C. The photos show that the tree in the Growsafe Telescoprotexx grows twice as fast!

On the image below you see a Ghaf tree with the Growsafe Telescoprotexx on the left side, and you see a Ghaf tree without the Growsafe Telescoprotexx on the right side. As you can see, the tree with the Growsafe Telescoprotexx grows a lot faster. The tree is about 200% larger than the small tree on the right.

Grow your trees twice as fast with the plant protector of Groasis

After a few months, the difference is still clearly visible. The picture below is taken about a year later. The larger tree on the left doesn't needs the Growsafe anymore and gets enough support from the wooden stick to continue growing.

The plant with the Groasis Growsafe Telescoprotexx grows much faster and better!