NCD Change Award 2014

Press message 15-12-2014

Groasis Growboxx® plant cocoon wins NCD ''Change Award 2014''

Driebergen, december 15, 2014 - On friday, december 12, 2014, the NCD (Dutch Association of Commissioners and Directors) handed out the ''Change Award 2014'' during the Change in Business Event. Groasis was one of the three nominees and won this ''Award of the Awards'' with the Groasis Growboxx plant cocoon®. According to the jury and the participants of the event, Groasis is a real ''Changer'' which shows that doing business with conciosness and positivism can go hand in hand with entrepreneurship.

By handing out the ‘CHANGE Award’, the NCD wants to focus on the value of real changes, but also wants to emphasize on the breakthrough innovations we have in the Netherlands, where we can be proud of. The Jury and participants of the Change in Business Event unanimously chose Groasis as the winner. Winner of the Change Award 2013 Bert van Son (Mud Jeans) handed out the Award. Groasis distinguished itself particularly by the simple but effective function and the impact that the invention has on a greener world. The other two nominees were Juice on Wheels and Spark Design with the Rescue Tip-board.

Groasis Growboxx plant cocoon®

Tjebbe Will: “Winning the Change Award 2014 means recognition to us. More and more people get convinced that Groasis can really take steps to a greener world with the Growboxx plant cocoon®. In 2015, we really want to start with our Treesolution, and use the Growboxx plant cocoon® at places where plants and trees do not grow anymore, in order to achieve regional economic development and ecological restoration. The support we get from the NCD-members by winning the Change Award is very welcome”.

THE GROASIS GROWBOXX plant cocoon® is a new invention; it is the biodegradable version of the proven successful Waterboxx plant cocoon®. The Groasis Growboxx plant cocoon® is used to plant trees without irrigation on degraded lands, making the ground profitable again. In this way, 97% of the water use is saved during the plantings. After a year, the Growboxx plant cocoon® breaks down and serves as a fertilizer for the tree.

NCD and Change Award

The handing out of the NCD Change Award is an important part of the NCD Vision on leadership, with the goal to blow a new, fresh CHANGE wind through businesses in the Netherlands. This is not a concrete goal, but a process to do business and work together in a conscious and positive way. Hereby, the NCD provides a platform to share new initiatives with each other, and bring them forward.