A climate neutral world

Press message 14-12-2018

National Icon and The Most Innovative Company of the Netherlands, Groasis, can make the world climate neutral during the transition period

STEENBERGEN/THE NETHERLANDS, December 14, 2018 – The devastating effects of climate change are clearly visible to all. Scientists sent warning reports about the rising temperature and there is no time left to discuss the endless options on how we need to reduce our emissions. The award-winning Dutch company Groasis, presents the fastest solution to make the world climate neutral during the transition period.

One way or another, mankind must reduce the CO₂ concentration in the atmosphere. Considering the time we have, and the time we need to become a CO2 neutral society, we need to consider all available options to bridge this transition period. One of the options that can be rapidly deployed is the Treesolution.

In the book The Treesolution, the inventor of the Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology Pieter Hoff describes that we do not need to see CO2 as our global enemy, but as an opportunity. Trees and plants need CO2 to grow. We only have to disconnect the surplus of CO2 emissions that our nature cannot process fast enough. Across the globe, 2 billion hectares of degraded land are available to offset this surplus. These hectares were once fertile, but have been degraded by natural causes or through bad agricultural practices.

The Treesolution is simple: reforest the available 2 billion hectares of degraded land and the surplus of CO₂ will be offset by the trees. With the help of the by Groasis developed Growboxx® plant cocoon, it becomes possible to plant trees on all degraded land with the unique Triple 90 Benefits: plant at 90% lower costs, use 90% less water and a survival rate of +90% is achieved - no matter how harsh the circumstances. Besides the possibility to plant efficiently at a large scale, trees will grow 30% faster with the Growboxx® plant cocoon.

The Growboxx® plant cocoon is a square biodegradable donut-shaped bucket with a lid made from recycled paper. When a sapling has been planted in the soil, the Growboxx® plant cocoon is placed around the tree. Thereafter, this intelligent bucket is filled with 20 liters of water and the lid closes the bucket. In the lid, 4 plant plugs are located which can be used for the plantation of shrubs, vegetables or flowers. In total, a planter can plant 5 plants (the tree and 4 additional plants) with one Growboxx® plant cocoon.

The Growboxx® plant cocoon differs from other traditional irrigation methods. Most irrigation methods make the roots of a tree lazy, since they ‘drop’ the water at the top layer of the soil. A tree doesn’t need to search for more humidity deep in the soil, since they receive an unlimited amount of water each day.

When using the Growboxx® plant cocoon, a favorable micro climate arises around the tree. The box ‘sweats’ through the bottom and a small amount of water will be given to the roots of the sapling during the first year. This amount of water is too little to live from, but too much to die. The roots of the tree get stimulated and penetrate the soil around 3 to 5 meters deep within one year. At that moment, the tree doesn’t need the water from the box anymore, and can live from the capillary water in the soil. Six months after planting, the Growboxx® plant cocoon starts degrading and turns itself into nutrients.

Groasis’ Mission and Vision is to realize The Treesolution in the coming years. If implemented on a large scale we can prevent climate change with a solution that in the same time creates welfare for many.  Pieter Hoff’s book The Treesolution can be downloaded on the internet.

Note to editors:

About the company: The Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology was developed by Groasis B.V., a social enterprise from the Netherlands that has developed multiple products to grow productive trees in combination with vegetables, shrubs or flowers without the use of extensive irrigation systems. With these products, ideally suited for both eco system restoration and agroforestry, dry lands can be made productive again while at the same time the CO₂-concentration in the atmosphere can be reduced.

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  • Celine van Haaften – mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +31 (0) 167 – 54 75 54
  • More information can be found on: www.groasis.com