Solving the food problem with nuts

There are many big problems in the world concerning the food supplies. At this moment, millions and millions of people suffer from food shortages, amongst them Somalia and South Sudan. It isn’t only the food problem that is an issue, but there are big water shortages (what we need for growing food), long periods of drought, rising world population and poverty. All these factors combined ensure that more and more people will be hungry.

What is the solution to solve the food problem while we have to face all the other problems as well? There are large areas in the world which are turning into deserts. These areas become drier and by deforestation bare. Previously, these areas were full with trees, so why wouldn’t we plant trees in these areas again?

First step in solving the food problem

The only way to solve desertification is by making a profitable business model of the solution. When people can earn money with something, there is interest in investing in it. The possibilities with trees to get a Return on Investment are endless.

The many areas of the world that now lie fallow are the answer to the growing food problem. We can plant these areas with productive trees such as fruit and nut trees. We plant these trees while using the Waterboxx and Growboxx plant cocoon. By using these two products, we can still produce food in a water-saving manner.

Besides producing food, trees can dissolve CO2. When we use all the dry and eroded areas (almost 2 billion hectares that we can make productive again) to produce food, we do not only produce enough to solve the food problem, but we can lower the still rising CO2 concentration in the atmosphere.

Which tree species is the best solution for the food problem?

Trees that produce nuts use less water compared to other productive trees. Besides this, they produce protein-rich food. It will give people a lot of energy and many minerals.

The biggest advantage of the trees which produce nuts becomes apparent after the harvest. Almost all of the crops and, in particular, fruit species require a cold store in order to cool the fruit so that it remains in good condition. Poor people do not have the capital to buy cold storages and often they do not even have electricity. Nuts, in contrast to other fruit, preferably are stored in hot, dry and well ventilated conditions. Precisely the situation in which most poor people live. All this makes trees producing nuts one of the best and most generous solutions to many problems of humanity, but especially for the food problem.

Nut species that can be grown are: almond, candlenut, cashew, coconut, gevuinanut, jatropha, macadamia, Malabar chestnut, mongongo, paulownia, pistachio, walnut and many others! 

Other critical factors behind every food crisis

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Nuts are an important food source for humans - growing nut trees can solve the food problem for humans