Latest updates from and about Groasis 2019

14-12-2019 Video 5: Our fifth commercial is live - Create prosperity for yourself and others 
13-12-2019 Video 4: Our fourth commercial is live - Help Groasis solve water scarcity
11-12-2019 Video 3: Our third commercial is live - Help Groasis eraducate hunger
11-12-2019 The Priority Food Tree and Crop Food Composition database - A new database with 132 foods from Sub-Saharan Africa
10-12-2019 Video 2: Our second commercial is live - Invest in Groasis and help us planting productive trees
09-12-2019 Our first Dutch television commercial is live! You can find the video on our YouTube channel
08-12-2019 Read our new scientific paper about the effectiveness of water-saving technologies during early stages of restoration of endemic Opuntia cacti in the Galápagos Islands, Ecuador
03-12-2019 New YouTube video: Tree planting project in Mexico, in collaboration with Teleton Mexico
01-12-2019 New YouTube video: Tree planting project in Xining, China
28-11-2019 Newsletter from the Sahara Roots Foundation about their latest tree planting project (thanks to your donations!)
13-11-2019 Testimonials (in English) from farmers in the World Food Programme Ecuador and Colombia (in Spanish)
02-11-2019 Pieter Hoff has given a presentation at the Let's Go Festival in Groningen (Netherlands)
01-11-2019 New YouTube video: The Groasis tree planting project in Tibet: 'Reforestation and anti-desertification in Lhasa, Tibet'.
28-10-2019 New YouTube video: The documentary 'Galapagos, hope for the future' premiered in Amsterdam today. Here you can also see Groasis 
25-09-2019 Dutch Chamber of Commerce, Innovation Top 100: "Groasis passes the baton", p2
24-09-2019 Pieter in Mexico, he speaks at a breakfast conference - organized by the Dutch Embassy - called Corporate Social Responsibility: Beyond Reforestation
19-09-2019 'Dutch invention stops dumping 16 billion coffee cup lids' in Duurzaam ondernemenAfvalgids, Metro, MetroRead (all Dutch)
26-08-2019 Groasis has an article in the digital magazine 'Aletta' (pages 70 - 71)
20-08-2019 New YouTube video: Pieter Hoff has visited two reforestation projects in Mongolia / Tibet
10-07-2019 Our 'Smart bucket'in the regional press: BN DeStem
04-07-2019 Groasis can be seen briefly in a short promotional film from innovative companies in the Dutch province of Brabant
01-07-2019 News: for 2 projects of our WFP 'Zero Hunger by 2030' project we ship a total of 15,800 plant cocoons!
13-06-2019 Groasis has organized a lunch meeting for those interested in Digital Securities. You can find more information about this at
04-06-2019 Groasis participates in the GES2019 (Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2019) in The Hague
03-06-2019 In Financieel Dagblad: The desert fighter has a first with digital financiers (Dutch)
26-04-2019 We've added more press articles to our press page!
13-04-2019 Watch this television broadcast of Groasis on EenVandaag (Dutch)
08-04-2019 Why using so much water for 1 tree if you can plant 7.500 trees? Listen to Pieter Hoff on the Dutch Radio
18-03-2019 Read in this interview how we deal with patents, brands and the licenses of our products (Dutch)!
11-03-2019 Pieter Hoff has received the Khalifa International Date Palm Awards in Abu Dhabi
18-02-2019 Groasis has been mentioned a lot in the news lately, click here to find out who has written about us! 
07-02-2019 Groasis has won in one of the 5 categories of the Khalifa International Award for Date Palm Innovations in the Agricultural sector!
04-02-2019 Read Pieter Hoff's 25 new blogs about the Dutch Climate Agreement here! Each working day we will publish one blog
24-01-2019 New hope for people in Kenia, the Waterboxx® plant cocoon helps them to grow at new places!