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Planting trees in Ecuador with 3.000 students

On July 28, 2014, the first Green Musketeer project of Groasis has started. Totally, 3.000 students planted a tree in Santa Elena, Ecuador. The project is called ‘Be a Green Musketeer, a future for the childhood in Ecuador’. With this project, we want children to be more involved in nature and teach them how to respect and love nature. Also, we wanted to learn them how you can protect mother nature and restore her by planting trees.   

In this Green Musketeer project, schoolchildren with the ages between 9 and 11 years received each two trees and two Waterboxx® plant cocoons. The children plant one tree with one Waterboxx® plant cocoon on their playground at the school, and they have to take the other fruit tree with the Waterboxx® plant cocoon to their home.

In the period after the planting, the students will have a growth speed competition. They receive a manual on how to take care of the trees and Waterboxx® plant cocoons to get the best results as possible. In total, 40 schools with 3,000 students have participated. Each school received a new computer for its participation. Per school, the student with the highest tree after a certain period will also receive a new computer.

This project is financed by the COmON Foundation from the Netherlands and implemented by Fuente de Vida Foundation Ecuador.