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  • As you know, we like to stimulate to reforest the whole world and we would like to get as many people as possible to be involved with our projects. In this way everyone can share the same love for trees and take care of Mother Earth. So why won't we reforest Route 66? And six other iconic world famous places? And the great news is, you can be a part of it! Click here for more information and please click here if you want to become a sponsor.
  • On July 28, the first Green Musketeer project started with 3,000 students in Santa Elena, Ecuador. With this project, we hope to involve today's youth. We like to teach them to realize the importance of respect and care for the environment. Click here for more information, a video of the plant day and to see more special photos!
  • The fantastic UPSE University report (Ecuador) highlights that planting trees can be profitable. As a result of our Waterboxx plantcocoon® technology, fruit trees grow at a fast pace without irrigation. Purchase our Waterboxx plantcocoon® now!
  • Did you know that you don't need much space to grow your own fruits and vegetables? Bill McNeese shows this by planting with the Groasis Waterboxx plantcocoon® in his yard. Are you curious about his amazing results and his delicious salads? Please click here!
  • Richard Branson applauds the Groasis Technology in the Global Opportunity Report 2015. He finds Groasis one of the top three solutions for efficient water management as the technology minimizes water waste within the agricultural sector.

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