• Groasis is winner of the “2014 Accenture Green Tulip Award”

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  • We are amongst the top three solutions!

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  • Sustainable Innovation is our future

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  • Great moments happen around trees

  • Are you our next Green Musketeer?

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  • We are proud to announce that Groasis won the 2014 Accenture Green Tulip Award for sustainable innovation!
  • Richard Branson applauds the Groasis Technology in the Global Opportunity Report 2015. He finds Groasis one of the top three solutions for efficient water management as the technology minimizes water waste within the agricultural sector.
  • Sustainable innovation is becoming the norm to save the earth. We are contributing to this by increasing food production, reforestation, employment opportunities, neutralizing CO2 emissions and making our society livable.
  • The fantastic UPSE University report (Ecuador) highlights that planting trees can be profitable. As a result of our waterboxx technology, fruit trees grow at a fast pace without irrigation. Purchase our Waterboxx now!
  • We are working on many exciting projects, become a member of our Green Musketeer program to stay tuned about our latest updates!

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