Warranty on the Groasis Goods
Version January 12 – 2018

From the very beginning to this very day, Groasis has been committed to the challenge to achieve the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship to guarantee that Groasis Goods are truly the best quality that a Buyer can expect. For the Groasis Waterboxx® plant cocoon and the Groasis Growsafe, Groasis only uses virgin plastic for all parts that are exposed directly to the sun. For parts that are not in contact with the sun, Groasis uses recycled plastics in order to protect the environment and uses less scarce material. Naturally Groasis Goods are free of cadmium. Groasis also adds the highest standard of additives to the plastic, that makes the Goods last longer in extreme climate conditions.

Separately Groasis uses recycled paper and plant cellulose as the basic material for the Groasis Growboxx® plant cocoon, Groasis Smartboxx and Groasis BioGrowsafe. This way we help the environment by using a pure cradle to cradle product: first the biodegradable Groasis Goods make water and then they degrade to utile nutrients to live from. Groasis does a daily check on the fit and finish quality of every Waterboxx Groasis makes. Groasis guarantees its use in a way which few of the plastic producers have the confidence to do. Because of all these reasons, Groasis is very confident in the quality of its Groasis Goods. Groasis warrants that the Groasis Goods shall be free from defects in workmanship and materials under normal and reasonable use and proper assembly as follows:

What is covered under this warranty in case the choice has been made for Polypropylene:

What is covered under this warranty in case the choice has been made for cellulose:

What is never covered under this warranty:

Further exclusions

This warranty does not cover damage resulting from, but not limited to, misuse, negligent use, negligence during assembly, unauthorized repairs, damage caused by Buyer’s errors, infestation, sunshine, fire, negligence, hurricanes, tornados, floods, typhoons, cyclones, wind damage and other acts of God.  This warranty does not cover normal tarnishing of polypropylene/biopolymer or degrading of the biopolymer. The warranty applies to conditions of normal use, but does not apply to intentional damage, negligence, excessive or unreasonable use.

Definitions under this warranty:

“Ageing”:  a degrading in quality caused by the use of the Groasis Goods under the specific circumstances. The influence on the ageing of polypropylene and cellulose caused by sun, wind, temperature differences and other climate conditions and the influence on degrading to biopolymer by micro-organisms and water are assumed to be known by the Buyer and accepted as a normal risk.

“Cracks”: cracks that may be visible or non-visible and that lead to premature not-intended leaking of the water stock from the Groasis Goods.

“Defects”:  imperfections which impair the utility of the product or affect the structural integrity of the product.

Difference in water gift”:  the daily doses of water that is given by the wick from the box to the plant. As this doses is influenced by the uncontrollable diameter of the hole, the uncontrollable diameter of the wick, the pollution of the water in the box and temperature changes, this water gift may vary from no daily dosage, to a too low daily dosage or to a too high daily dosage.

“Discoloring”: a reduction in color intensity.

“Groasis Goods”: the corporeal objects delivered by Groasis under the names ‘Waterboxx’ , ‘Growboxx’, ‘Smartboxx’,  ‘Growsafe’, ‘BioGrowsafe’ and  ‘Growmaxx’.

Mycorrhizae”:  Groasis’ mycorrhizae fungi have an influence on the growth of plants. In most cases this influence is positive, but sometimes mycorrhizae can be invasive in certain areas and have a negative influence, instead of a positive influence. Groasis can therefore not guarantee that in all cases its mycorrhizae have a growth stimulating effect, instead of that, sometimes they may have a growth restricting effect. In order to prevent this negative influence, Groasis uses ‘general stimuli mycorrhizae’, which are not focused on helping a certain plant grow better, but which are focused on creating better circumstances under which plant feel and grow better.

“Planting result”:   the success rate of growth and survival of the seeds, plants, bushes or trees that are planted with the Groasis Goods. As this result is dependent from many different uncontrollable circumstances like climate, quality of plant material, quality of planting, maintenance and guarding, the result cannot be guaranteed. 

“Term of claim”: Upon receipt of the Groasis Goods the Buyer must inspect components thoroughly prior to assembly, and any defects which impair the utility of the Groasis Goods should be noted and reported no later than within seven days of receipt. The warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear of polypropylene / cellulose.

Wick”: Wicks can be used maximum 12 months after receipt. Groasis gives no warranty on wicks.

Damages or other problems caused by transport paid by Groasis

If the Groasis Goods are damaged during shipping and the shipping is done at Groasis costs, Groasis replaces them without question. These damages must be reported to us according to article 9 of the General Terms and Conditions of Trading and this Annex. The damage must be documented on the bill of lading while the carrier is still at the place of delivery. Groasis will ship out a new item if completely damaged. Refunds and credit card reversals are not given for damaged Groasis Goods or for orders that were received incorrectly. Groasis does not refund shipping charges if its contracting party decides to cancel an order due to damages or any other problem. Shipping costs for replacement will be paid by Groasis. Shipping costs for Groasis   Goods to be returned, will only be reimbursed in consultation with Groasis and after her written permission.

Damages or other problems caused by transport not paid by Groasis

If Groasis Goods are damaged during shipping and the shipping is not paid by Groasis, the damage must be reported to the carrier according to article 9 of the General Terms and Conditions of Trading and this Annex 2. Groasis is not responsible or liable and therefore does not cover these costs.

Period of the covered warranty

Claims about quality problems, functionality or functioning of the Groasis Goods, will never be settled through refunding but exclusively through replacement. The replacement’s percentages are:

No drinking water

The water that is produced or captured by the Waterboxx and/or Growboxx cannot be used as drinking water.

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