Waterboxx® plant cocoon 3000 units (12 pallets x 250 units ) 20ft containter

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This product cannot be ordered and paid for through our webshop. Please send an email to office@groasis.com with the title "Order for Waterboxx plant cocoons"

The perfect advanced pack with all you need to plant trees, shrubs, vegetables or plants.

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Please note; This product cannot be ordered and paid for through our webshop. Please send an email to office@groasis.com with the title "Order for Waterboxx plant cocoons" and in the body of the email specify the number of units you wish you buy. Include your company / contact details and we will prepare a formal order. This can then be paid for by regular bank transfer - thus limiting the transaction fees.

The Waterboxx® plant cocoon helps you grow vegetables and plant trees. Before you plant a tree, shrub or vegetable, fill the planting hole with 20 (for clay soil) to 40 (for sandy soil) liters of water. Then you can start planting in the usual way and place the Waterboxx® plant cocoon around it. Then fill the container with 16 liters of water, which is released drop by drop through the wick in the bottom of the Waterboxx® plant cocoon at the roots of your plant. After about a year, the tray can be removed from the tree or the vegetables and the Waterboxx® plant cocoon can be reused each year for about 10 years.

You can download the manual for planting via the Groasis app in iOS or Android.

Use the Waterboxx® plant cocoon!

With the Waterboxx® plant cocoon you not only save time but also water and money, because your tree grows faster and your vegetables produce more. When you normally need 10 liters of water, the Waterboxx® plant cocoon only uses one!

The plants are not only automatically supplied with water, but the Waterboxx® also creates a favorable microclimate. This means that it is cooler under the Waterboxx® plant cocoon during the day and warmer at night. This more constant temperature allows the plant to enjoy stable and fast growth.

The water transport cord that runs through the bottom of the Waterboxx® plant cocoon must be cleaned when the intelligent bucket is used for a new plant in the following year. You can then wash and reuse the cords so that you can plant for the next 10 years!

An award-winning and proven product

The Waterboxx® plant cocoon has been available on the market since 2011 and is now used in more than 40 countries!

The Waterboxx® plant cocoon - and the complete Groasis plant technology - has already been recognized by various parties. In 2016, Groasis was awarded by the Dutch government as "National Icon". In 2017 Groasis was selected by the World Food Programme - one of the largest organizations of the UN - as a project partner to investigate whether the food problem can be solved and in 2018 Groasis was selected by the Chamber of Commerce as the 'Most Innovative Company of The Netherlands'. This year, Groasis has already been selected as the winner of the Khalifa International Date Palm Award in Abu Dhabi.

The quality of the Waterboxx® plant cocoon The Waterboxx® plant cocoon is made of high-quality material, namely virgin polypropylene (plastic) and has been tested under the most extreme weather conditions. It is UV resistant.