Become a reseller or licensed producer for Groasis

In order to work efficient and to deliver our products as inexpensive as possible to our end-users, we work with resellers and licensed producers. Do you want to become a reseller or a licensed producer? Read the requirements below and apply!

Become a reseller

Do you have an online shop or do you already sell products related to planting and do you want to extend your product portfolio? Become a reseller of the Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology! As a reseller, you are allowed to sell to professional end-users (B2B) and to consumers (B2C). 

Are you interested in becoming a reseller for us? Please fill out this form and receive more information.

Produce or sell the Growboxx or Waterboxx to plant trees in dry and eroded areas

Become a licensed producer

Do you have a bigger dream and do you want to start greening the world with us? If this is the case, you can become a licensed producer for the Growboxx plant cocoon. In order to keep the Growboxx plant cocoon affordable for everyone, we want to produce on multiple locations around the world. In this way, we do not only avoid and reduce multiple unnecessary costs like transport costs and import taxes, but we want to contribute to the society as well. As a licensed producer, you have to opportunity to start paper recycling programs (the ‘main ingredient’ of the Growboxx plant cocoon) and to help your country becoming green again in multiple ways.

There are some requirements that need to be fulfilled to become a licensed producer, some of them are:

  • You have the capital to invest in a production line of paper pulp products;
  • You are located in a country that is dealing with dry and eroded areas.

Please be aware of the fact that we sell production licenses. We do not buy factories or production lines. Are you interested in becoming a licensed producer for us or do you want to receive more information about this opportunity? Please contact us.