Growing vegetables in the city with Urban Farming

You don’t need a lot of space to grow vegetables by yourself. Do you only have a small garden, balcony or roof terrace?  Also in these places you can grow lots of healthy vegetables with the Waterboxx® and/or Growboxx® plant cocoon. Our distributor in the United States, Matthew Auman, has developed the Waterboxx® Planting Pyramid. The (half) Waterboxx® Planting Pyramid can hold 9 Waterboxx® plant cocoons on a surface less than 2.5 square meters! Totally, the Waterboxx® Planting Pyramid can hold up to 27 plants/vegetables. On the image below you can see the Waterboxx® Planting Pyramid.

Pyramid With Waterboxxes Front

You can easily make the Waterboxx® Planting Pyramid and you don’t need any specific knowledge. Do you want to make the Waterboxx® Planting Pyramid by yourself? Go to the website of Dew Harvest to see which materials you need and which steps you need to follow.

The Projects of Bill McNeese

Bill McNeese is a loyal user of the Waterboxx® plant cocoon. He is extremely creative and in his several projects, he shows that there are many possibilities to grow vegetables with the Waterboxx® plant cocoon in a small surrounding. He grows all the vegetables at his home in Hemet, California. In spite of the often high temperatures, he (almost) always succeed in order to grow vegetables with success. Curious about his projects?

  1. August 2014: Growing tomatoes in summer and winter
  2. February 2015: Sowing and growing lettuce with minimum water usage
  3. April 2015: Growing watermelons in the Waterboxx® plant cocoon
  4. April 2015: Growing organic peppers with urban gardening
  5. 2015: Harvesting a lot of tomatoes with high temperatures
  6. June/July/August 2016 (+update February/March 2017): More than 23kg of tomatoes from one plant. Impossible? See for yourself!
  7. July 2017: Get a higher yield of the same plant, even when they have to endure a hot summer