Ecosystem restoration and reforestation | Projects

Groasis' reforestation and ecosystem restoration projects

Groasis has, in collaboration with various parties, carried out reforestation, food production and ecosystem restoration projects across the globe. Almost every project is captured in one of our planting or result photo albums, on of our project pages or the scientific results that you can find on our website. Besides this, you see on the map below if we have planted in your region.

Do you want to see your tree planting project on this map? That is possible! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with how many boxes you’ve planted, which species, the climate conditions and send us some nice pictures!

Produce more food with less water

Dry areas can be used to produce food too. Among other things, we have tested this during the project ‘Agua, Vida Y Naturaleza’ in Ecuador. During this project, that was financed by the Dutch COmON Foundation, we have grown vegetables in the Groasis Climate Control House. Around the Groasis Climate Control House, we have planted various fruit trees. Do you want to know what the results were of this project? Please click here.  

You don’t have to produce food on a large scale in order to use the Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology. You can even produce food in your backyard! Bill McNeese, one of our loyal Waterboxx® plant cocoon users, shows us his innovative projects. From growing tomatoes to harvesting various lettuce species. Everything is possible! 

Make dry and bare areas green again

Even in the dryest deserts we grow trees again! Two great examples of this are the Sahara Desert in Morocco and the Kuwait desert. With temperatures rising to 50˚C and a low humidity of 35% it seems almost impossible to grow young trees and to survive their first and most critical life years. But nothing is less true.

Start your own tree planting project! 

Do you want to plant trees and use 90% less water (compared to traditional irrigation methods, such as drip irrigation), achieve a +90% survival rate and spend 90% less money? You can! Visit our online store and purchase the Waterboxx® or Growboxx® plant cocoon.