The end of Climate Change?

On January 20, 2017 the next President of the United States, Mr. Donald J. Trump was inaugurated. One of his first actions was to remove all information from the White House website about climate change. When you follow the COP22 news, you find that now most of the governments worldwide – including the United States – have committed to take measures to help prevent the world’s average temperature rise with more than 2⁰C.

New Year 2017

The first half of 2016 presented quite a few challenges for Groasis. We had to deal with copycats who copied our 2012 model of the Growboxx® plant cocoon, we faced tough discussions with our bank, people close to us had health issues and finally, we had to reorganize our sales and logistic department as our talented sales manager Margot moved to Belgium and left our team.

Should we send warships or Growboxx plantcocoons® to Africa?

blog junigrowboxxMy father – born in 1930 – had to leave school when he was 11, at the start of the 2nd World War. As a grower he taught me a simple truth: ‘never spend your money on milk, it’s better to buy a cow’.

Over the past few months we´ve seen horrifying images of thousands of refugees from Africa, trying to find a better life in Europe. Europe decided to send warships. Is that the right response? The real problem is not the vessels transporting the refugees, but the desire to leave the African continent.