The end of Climate Change?

On January 20, 2017 the next President of the United States, Mr. Donald J. Trump was inaugurated. One of his first actions was to remove all information from the White House website about climate change. When you follow the COP22 news, you find that now most of the governments worldwide – including the United States – have committed to take measures to help prevent the world’s average temperature rise with more than 2⁰C.

Participa a construir El Muro de la Amistad - Participate to build The Wall of Friendship




Sei un Mosquetero Verde

Be a Green Musketeer



Participa para plantar El Muro de la Amistad


Participate to plant The Wall of Friendship


Responde con árboles - Answer with trees




Trabajemos juntos para construir el muro más hermosa de la tierra

Let's work together to build the most beautiful wall on earth

La longitud es de 3.200 km y plantamos un árbol cada 5 metros

The lengte is 3,200 km and we plant one tree each 5 meters

Necesitamos 25,00 USD para plantar todo árbol - participe ahora

We need 25,00 USD to plant each tree - participate now

¡Responda con amor! Quieremos plantar 640.000 árboles!

Answer with love! We want to plant 640,000 trees!


Participa aquí- Participate here

 Si desea plantar más de un árbol, multiplique el número de árboles por 25 USD.
Así que si desea apoyar con 10 árboles, paga 250 USD.

If you want to plant more than one tree, multiply the number of trees by 25 USD.
So if you wish to support with 10 trees, then pay 250 USD. 

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 Después del pago recibirá un correo electrónico con más información

After the payment you receive an email with more information


Así es como funciona el Growboxx® plant cocoon

This is how the Growboxx® plant cocoon works


 Sei un Mosquetero Verde en nuestra pagina de facebook - Be a Green Musketeer on our
facebook page

Vea nuestros videos en YouTube- See our videos on YouTube 


Su dinero será depositado en el Fondo Verde Mosquetero. Este será un fondo sin fines de lucro.
En finales de 2017 solicitamos permisos para plantar.
Si no nos permiten a plantar en algunos lugares, plantamos en otros lugares de México en zonas rurales pobres.
Vamos a plantar El Muro de la Amistad en 2018 - 2019 - 2020.

Your money will be deposited in the Green Musketeer Fund.
This will be a non-profit fund. In the end of 2017 we apply for permits to plant.
If we are not allowed to plant in some places, we plant elsewhere in Mexico in poor rural areas. We will plant The Wall of Friendship in 2018 - 2019 - 2020.


New Year 2017

The first half of 2016 presented quite a few challenges for Groasis. We had to deal with copycats who copied our 2012 model of the Growboxx® plant cocoon, we faced tough discussions with our bank, people close to us had health issues and finally, we had to reorganize our sales and logistic department as our talented sales manager Margot moved to Belgium and left our team.