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Should we send warships or Growboxx® plant cocoons to Africa?

My father – born in 1930 – had to leave school when he was 11, at the start of the 2nd World War. As a grower he taught me a simple truth: ‘never spend your money on milk, it’s better to buy a cow’.

Over the past few months we´ve seen horrifying images of thousands of refugees from Africa, trying to find a better life in Europe. Europe decided to send warships. Is that the right response? The real problem is not the vessels transporting the refugees, but the desire to leave the African continent.

If we develop prospects for a good life in Africa, its inhabitants will stay there rather than fleeing to Europe where they currently hope to find a better life. If the solution is so straightforward, then why don’t we implement it? Could it be because Europe is constantly trying to solve problems individually, rather than seeing them as integrated? It would be easy to use Greece as the example, but let me give you another. Holland will increase its renewable energy production from 4% today to 23% in 2023 in order to reduce its CO2 emissions. It will invest 20 billion USD in windmills to reach this objective. The investment will result in 1.2% less CO2 emissions. As a consequence of this investment the energy price for Dutch families – of which 9% is already without a job - will rise over 3 times from 5 cents today to 17 cents per kW in 2020. Does this make financial sense? Shouldn’t we look at climate change as an integrated problem instead of a stand alone?

I think we have 7 integrated Challenges to solve in de 21st century, amongst them climate change. They are:

  1. Erosion
  2. Poverty
  3. Food crisis
  4. Climate change
  5. Unemployment
  6. Rural-urban migration 
  7. Sinking ground water levels

Africans come to Europe because they suffer heavily from these 7 Challenges. This is why I plead strongly to invest in the Treesolution. For the same 20 billion USD that Holland is planning to spend on windmills, we can plant the whole African Great Green Wall with the Groasis Technology, thus growing 15 million hectares of fruit trees, creating 15 million new jobs and producing 75 million tons of food annually.

The University of Stuttgart discovered that Jatropha trees disconnect up to 25 tonnes of CO2 per hectare; 15 million hectares of fruit trees will easily disconnect 225 million tonnes of CO2 per year - similar to the annual emissions of Holland. By using the Treesolution to plant the whole African Great Green Wall, Holland will be the first 100% CO2 neutral country in the world. This CO2 neutrality will be reached with the same investment as building windmills that reduce CO2 emissions by just 1.2%. Not only will the African Great Green Wall create 15 million jobs in Africa, it will also create thousands of jobs in Holland. You can find the calculations of planting the African Great Green Wall with Groasis Growboxx® plant cocoons here. Planting fruit trees - the Treesolution - is the integrated solution that we need for the 7 integrated Challenges to help stop emigration and create prospects for wealth in the hearts and minds of the Africans.

Please share these thoughts with your friends and relatives so we can start the debate and improve the livelihood for millions of people still living in Africa and the nearly 60 million displaced people all over the world.

The Green Musketeer

Ps: you can download my book the Treesolution about this subject for free here