New Year 2018

Sometimes I have those deep thought moments, especially around Christmas and New Year. It happened to me when a good friend of me sent me a great Ted video about happiness. One way or another, our life goes slower around this period and moments of contemplation get room to enter. Inspired by this video, I was thinking about the happiness in my life. 

Every company worldwide makes a balance on the end of the year. If this is so good for companies, then wouldn’t it be good for myself also? Suppose I would take the time to sit down and make my own balance? Would I be afraid to do so, or, am I curious to do it? I decided to take ten situations of myself and give them a judgement in points, going from 1 – very bad – to 10 – very good. Would the result express how happy I am? Here are my ten situations, but maybe you wish to put other situations, since for each of us other things are important. Let’s go:

  1. Health
  2. Relation with partner
  3. Friendship
  4. Social activities
  5. Emotional stability
  6. Happiness
  7. Acceptance by others
  8. Satisfaction about what I am doing
  9. Success in career
  10. Financial situation

Maybe you also want to take the time to make this balance, if so, are you satisfied with the number of points that you have? Does the way you live, your work, your loved ones, give you the fulfilment that you need? If a company has a bad balance, it will change its strategy in order to improve its results. Are you willing, or planning, to do this also? Or are there reasons not to do it, or do you make up reasons not to do it? Do you see change as a danger, or as an opportunity? For sure changing our life does not guarantee that it will improve. But not changing also doesn’t mean that it will not deteriorate even more. All these thoughts were passing my mind and while making my own balance, I found that there is sufficient room to improve. The longer you live, the more you start to understand that happiness is based on the quality of life. I decided to dedicate myself to improve the quality of my life and try to make a great year of 2018.

I wish you all a healthy and happy 2018, and, see that video on Ted. It’s an eye opener.

Pieter Hoff
The Green Musketeer