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Is the world’s water stress situation hopeless or hopeful?

Last week was a very interesting week. The United Nations published a report about the dramatic water situation in the world. Here you can read the report. A few weeks ago, Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Unite Foundation published the ‘Global Opportunity report 2015’. Sir Branson’s team has analyzed that indeed the water stress is one of world’s biggest challenges.

In the report they mention the Groasis Technology as the first possibility to help solve this problem. Their analysis is good, since we plant trees with 99% less water use and we plant vegetables with 75% less water use. So we are aware of the problem and we do have a solution. The strange thing is that until now Groasis was never approached by a UN organisation to do trials or develop programs. I have always wondered myself why this is so? Maybe the grower Pieter Hoff doesn’t speak the ‘language’ of the employees of the UN? I do not mean the ‘tongue’: our YouTube tree planting channel is published in 11 languages. No, what I mean to say is that there is maybe a communication barrier between the practical grower from Holland and the report writing employee of the UN. In order to break this barrier, I ask your help. Maybe you have good contacts in organizations such as the FAO, the World Resource Institute, USAID, etc.? If so, then can we ask your help to break down that communication barrier? If we can inform the ‘UN Think Tank on Water’ about the Groasis Technology, then maybe we’ll read a much more positive report in 2020! Can we count on you to create a hopeful situation?

Pieter Hoff, 
Green Musketeer