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Wealth creation, part 1

I was listening to a group of future watchers on television. The discussion was “the influence of internet on our lives and work”. And on the society as a whole. They analyzed that internet is destroying millions of jobs and so in fact it creates poverty. Words like “rules, prohibit, destruction and restore” were used all the time.

Cemetery of ''CO2 disconnection machines''

I was shocked when I saw this picture…. I could’n believe my eyes. It shows the scale at which humanity is destroying the environment and within a flash you know “this is wrong”. Probably equal to the hunters from “Satao”, one of Kenya’s last over 50 years old elephants who was poached a few weeks ago, we see the loggers proudly showing the fantastic ‘result’ of their hunting on trees.

Days to remember?

During the last months we had an “Earth day” and a “Water day”. On June 17 we have the “World day to combat desertification”, organized by the UNCCD. As I wrote in my last blog, it is strange that we have to be remembered to do the maintenance of Mother Earth. Mother Earth is our house and nobody would destroy the house where he is living in. However, we do destroy Mother Earth. 

Privatizing Mother Earth

Are we going to take better care of Mother Earth when we privatize it?

Is privatizing a model to ensure that we take better care of Mother Earth? When you look at the difference between the responsibility that people take for their own goods compared to everybody’s goods, it might be an opportunity.

Earth Day

Is Earth Day something to worry about?

Earth Day is on April 22. This is exactly one month after World Water Day on March 22. Another event in which we are expected to be aware of the importance of protecting the environment. There are hundreds of these events and maybe it is an idea to take a good look at this habit. Because we should worry when we think about why these events are being initiated.

World Water Day 2014

On 22 March we celebrate World Water Day. Water, a simple word for the strangest substance on Earth. Water has no color, no odor, no taste. You consist for over 60% of water. Dr. Masuru Emoto claims that water lives and his findings are indeed remarkable. Viktor Schauberger is maybe the man who researched water most. His findings were so unbelievable that the American army brought him to the USA after “World War 2” for his knowledge.

Volume 5

A few weeks ago I was in Gansu State of China, doing a Groasis Waterboxx plantcocoon® planting instruction seminar. We had a beautiful day, until a sand storm warning came through the phone. Half an hour later we were not able to see the sun anymore and the temperature dropped with over 8 ⁰C. In the beginning of 1900 China had 100 million hectares ‘real desert’. During the 20th century about 150 Million hectares of ‘manmade’ deserts have been added.

Easter Week Celebration

This Easter Week we celebrate the memory of someone who was willing to die for his principles. For some people he is the Son of God, for some a Prophet, and for many Jesus of Nazareth is a very inspirational person. What makes him so inspirational? I think it is because the message of charity that he spread was and still is very valuable, and his willingness to die for it has earned him great respect. Is the story about Jesus obsolete, or is it still relevant today?

Can Green Musketeers beat the Dutch?

The ancient Egyptians built the pyramids of Giza and the ancient Chinese built the Chinese Wall. The Dutch have created the biggest monument on Earth: a country. Over the last 1,000 years they built 13,000 km's of dikes, twice the length of the Chinese Wall. They created their capital Amsterdam four meters below sealevel. To pump the water out they used green energy: windmills!

Green the world, support us!

If you want to support the objective of 'planting 2 billion hectares (5 B acres) before 2050' and are willing to help reforest Earth, you can start to do this locally. I already suggested you to send this column to friends, click the 'like' button or read my three-monthly newsletter. But you can go further and be practical supporting. Form maybe a group that plants trees. Or a group that defends trees from being cut. Or start a website, collect money and plant trees with it. Any form of activity that helps to reforest Earth, is good enough to be a Green Musketeer.

Green Musketeer, a dream or reality?

I started the 'Green Musketeer' because I want to share my dream to cause the reforestation of Earth. I know this sounds big, and it does, but that is also my objective. We need to do this and in the coming years I'll share my ideas about this with you. We caused 2 billion hectares of man made deserts over the last 2,000 years, and now we have to restore that area. If we are able to go to Mars, then why shouldn't we be able to reforest Earth?