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A journey to a better world

In the November blog you have learned about the difference between deserts and manmade deserts. Manmade desert is in fact degraded farmland, caused by the influence of man. Well, if man could destroy it, man can recover it. That is a simple truth. This is what Groasis stands for: make the 2 billion hectares (5 billion acres) of degraded farmland productive again.

Since 2003 I have started my journey to reach this objective. We developed the Groasis Waterboxx. Then we found that that wasn’t enough, actually we failed many times. So we developed the Groasis capillary drill . Then we found that roots didn’t develop well – they didn’t grow vertically downwards -  and we found that we needed to prune them to reach this. We also found that if you add 20 to 80 liters of water one day before planting in your planting hole, the root speed downwards to where humidity is, triples.

Sequent we found that we need Growmaxx mycorrhizae because you cannot work with fertilizers in dry circumstances and plants need food and minerals. The next challenge was if we could raise the available water quantity in a simple way? Yes, we can and halfway 2015 we will introduce the Groasis Mini-terracedixx to do this cheap, quick and simple. This machine will stop the erosion of slopes  and raise the harvest of rainwater with 150 to 300%. This will stimulate the growth of trees to a previously thought unimaginable speed.

We also found that a big difficulty is not the planting itself, but the circumstances afterwards. The planting with the Groasis Waterboxx is actually quite easy. The big problems after planting are wind, sandstorms, evaporation, light intensity, cold nights, frost, grazing animals. All these “enemies” for the after-planting period, have to be combated. With the Growsafe Telescoprotexx we have introduced an incredible cheap solution that solves all these problems at once.

During 2015 we will also introduce the first commercial version of the Groasis Greenboxx. With this degradable waterboxx made of recycled paper, we take away the necessity of taking the Waterboxx off after planting. In the same time the Greenboxx will be very cheap to use.

Aside of this developmentt I wrote a book to convince people about the capacity of trees to help us solve partly or wholly the 7 Challenges for mankind. They are:

  • Erosion
  • Poverty
  • Food crisis
  • Climate change
  • Unemployment
  • Rural-urban migration
  • Sinking ground water levels

The 7 Challenges can be partly or wholly solved if we plant the 2 B hectares of manmade degraded farmland with economical interesting trees – producing fruit, oil, wood, medicines - on accessible areas and ecological interesting trees on difficult to access areas. We call this “The Treesolution”. I invite you to read the book if you want to know more about the opportunities that the Treesolution offers. Aside of that we have made a Dropbox with very interesting documents. Maybe you want to spend time reading them? If so, open it here!

However, the biggest problem of all, that took us 11 years of work to combat it, was man itself: people simply did not want to believe that we can make degraded farmland productive again, without using irrigation. So nobody wanted to invest money in this. With this blog I want to announce you the big news! In the coming period you will hear about the biggest restoration project of degraded farmland ever in history. Follow the news and follow our website.

Spread this message to your friends please and help us implementing the Treesolution!

Pieter Hoff,
Green Musketeer