6. Message from The Netherland’s most beautiful tree to mankind

Sixth blog, February 13, 2019

Dear Green Musketeer,

Every year the election of the most beautiful tree of our country takes place in The Netherlands. The "Pet oak" at Breda is now no. 1, but you can still vote. Yesterday we received a letter from the "Pet oak" - which is threatened to be cut in 2020 - that we place integrally in our blog.  

The Dutch Pet Oak Troeteleik in the 1980s and 2018

"They call me the Pet oak. The name seems to indicate that you love me. But often greed wins from love and soon I will probably be killed by a number of members of your tribe, since you want to put a highway on my territory. For centuries, many of your tribe have treated us badly. We were burned, cut down, sawn, muzzled and committed all kinds of other actions that destroyed us. You think it does not hurt? Do you think trees are a different kind of living beings than you? Do you think it's good that members of your tribe kill us?

Will we put an end to that tree ecocide? Will we cooperate? Can we help you solve your climate problem? Can we deal with each other differently? With respect?

I have written a few short poems that show you how I felt, how I missed your appreciation, how I think we also have a right to live. These are perhaps the last words that I can address to you. Now I am still called ‘Pet oak’, next year – if the plans to cut me down will go ahead -  I will probably be a ‘Pet oak corpse’ and many of you will use their cars, emitting CO₂, over what was once my territory. Will you read my last words to you?"


For us trees
life is not easy
since humanity decided
that people who cut us down
earn money.

When will you stop paying people

who cut us, and

start paying people

who plant us?

If I as a tree
could kill you
would you still cut me down?


Can you imagine Brazil
after the Amazon has disappeared?
go to the Sahara!


If you were a tree
would you still love humanity?


I have a dream
people start to
use their brain
They start planting trees
instead of chopping them
once, ever
I think
I hope
do I dream?


Pieter Hoff
Green Musketeer

Background information

On 8 October 2018, the IPCC (UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) issued an emergency call to all countries to reduce their CO₂ emissions by at least 50% by 2030. The Netherlands wants to comply with this by means of a Climate Agreement. Pieter Hoff is of the opinion that the Climate Agreement needs additional policies to achieve 0% net CO₂ emissions by 2030 and that this supporting policy can be implemented much more efficiently, quicker and less costly than the current proposals that are included in the proposed Dutch Climate Agreement.