18. The unimaginable happens

18th blog, March 7, 2019

The center of the Netherlands – the Veluwe - consists of nature made by man. More than 100 years ago it was a sand plain without trees. They were called 'sand drifts'. If we use that area all over again by creating a beautiful Veluwe city with Palace Het Loo as a town hall, we can shift all nature to the low (partly inhabited) wet areas. They have much more natural value, there are many more (different types) of animals. The man made nature area Oostvaardersplassen has proven that newly constructed nature can be incredibly beautiful. It is so successful that we now slaughter the animals that feel so happy there, since they multiply too fast. It can therefore work, natural displacement.

Have you thought about what it means if the sea rises 7 meters, for New York, Buenos Aires, Miami, Mumbai, Shanghai or Venezia?

My grandfather was born in 1900. He told me that he had a wonderful childhood and that the First World War more or less passed him by with ten million deaths at 350 kilometers (220 miles) away, just as climate change in Africa is now passing by us. When the war was over, they read about it and were shocked. But, he said: "We could not have imagined that we would have more than 50 million deaths in the Second World War just 20 years later." After that war, he regularly expected new wars, but to his surprise - as he told me later - he lived for more than 30 years in peace and prosperity.

If global warming continues, climate change will only increase. Does the sea level rise 7 meters as the earth warms up and the ice of Antarctica. Greenland and the glaciers melts? Yes, even though this is just as unimaginable as the 2 wars for my grandfather. So we have to intervene now; we cannot take this risk. The delayed CO₂ increase that is offered as a solution in the Dutch Climate Agreement is not enough. Not for Amsterdam, not for New York.

For many of us, these kinds of drastic measures - such as a migration of people - are unthinkable. But it does not mean that the 'unthinkable' cannot happen.

Governing is looking ahead, so can we prevent the unimaginable happening? Yes, read in these blogs how we can do this through the Treesolution and spread the message. In the next blog we will be 'Getting started'.

Pieter Hoff
Green Musketeer

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Background information
On 8 October 2018, the IPCC (UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) issued an emergency call to all countries to reduce their CO₂ emissions by at least 50% by 2030. The Netherlands wants to comply with this by means of a Climate Agreement. Pieter Hoff is of the opinion that the Climate Agreement needs additional policies to achieve 0% net CO₂ emissions by 2030 and that this supporting policy can be implemented much more efficiently, quicker and less costly than the current proposals that are included in the proposed Dutch Climate Agreement.