Invest in Gold Shares and a green planet

What would you do with €30.000? Would you make a beautiful trip around the world, buy a car or would you invest €30.000 with the aim of earning money and doing good?

Groasis would like to give you the opportunity to be a part of the ‘Green Revolution’. You may ask “What is the ‘Green Revolution’”? Well, we have found the solution to plant trees in a water saving way on places where it wasn’t possible before without using irrigation systems.

Many people do not realize that there will be a big water shortage in the near future and that the next war will probably about water. The ground water level is dropping tremendously and the sea level is rising. With our product, the Growboxx® plant cocoon, it is possible to plant trees with 90% less water (compared to drip irrigation) in warm and dry climates. You can think of planting trees in the Sahara Desert or the desert of Kuwait, nothing is impossible. By planting trees in these areas, we want to prevent desertification and reforest degraded land.

the sahara roots foundation fighting desertification in the sahara desert

Wanda Hebly, founder of the Sahara Roots Foundation, next to the trees that have been planted in the Sahara Desert with the Waterboxx® plant cocoon. As you can see, it is a big success! All the projects that Wanda has done with the Waterboxx® can be found at her website.

Which problems do we solve?

With the Growboxx® plant cocoon you cannot only plant (fruit)trees, but at the same time you can plant 4 vegetables, bushes or wild flowers hydroponically in the lid. This gives the box the unique characteristic that is can be used for multiple audiences such as farmers (a fruit tree and 4 vegetables) or governments (a native tree with 4 bushes/wild flowers). By planting trees, you will contribute to a cleaner air (CO2 reduction), increase the food production for the growing world population, the groundwater levels will stop dropping, desertification is stopped, and much more.

Last October, we have won the National Icons Award from the Dutch government. This means that we will get the full support from the Dutch Government, especially the Ministry of Economic Affairs, to let our company grow internationally.

However, we are searching for more capital to finance the expansion of our production. We want to produce all over the world, at mass-market scale. If we are close to the buyer’s market, we can sell the Growboxx® plant cocoon for a very low price; our aim is to make it economically feasible for a small-scale farmer to buy our products and earn a living.

The possibilities with your Golden Share

Do you want to invest in a Golden Share and help us achieve the reforestation of 2b hectares of degraded farmland? Check out all the possibilities here! There are also shares for smaller amounts (shares of €6.000 and shares of €12.000). 

Do you have questions or are you interested in one of the shares? Please send fill out this form and we will be happy to help you!