Invest in Green Shares

With the low interest rates offered by banks (some are even asking you to pay money to keep it on your bank account!), you probably won’t receive much returns on your savings. To make more people aware of what we do and to help more people on the short term, we want to give people the opportunity to invest in our company. You can do this by purchasing stocks in various price ranges. 

How do we want to change the world?

Groasis has developed award winning products that give people who live in dry and eroded (mostly poor) areas the chance to grow productive trees (fruit, nuts, wood etc.) and vegetables. In those dry and eroded areas, most of the time water is inaccessible, and the majority of the population has no money for irrigation systems.

Our latest invention, the Growboxx® plant cocoon, is a biodegradable box which allows the farmers, companies and even governments, to plant trees in a water saving way with a survival rate of +90%! With the Growboxx plant cocoon, it becomes possible to plant a fruit tree in combination with 4 vegetables (that will grow hydroponically in the lid of the box), which can be eaten or sold. Another option is to plant native trees in combination with 4 bushes or wildflowers for ecosystem restoration and reforestation projects, to green up a city or reduce the impact of sandstorms.

There are millions of farmers around the world who could benefit from our cheap (over 90% cheaper than drip irrigation) and effective (90% water use reduction) solution. There are many governments and companies who are keen to offset their CO2 emissions, as discussed during the recent COP22 meeting in Marrakech. Our products address both issues, we therefore believe there is a significant market/growth opportunity for Groasis.

Help us with you green investment 

You can do this by buying a Green Share – which is valued at €6.000. Once we make a profit, you will receive a dividend. We also hope that the value of the shares will increase – due to the international growth of our company. For more information about the dividend and the shares, please click here.

What are we going to do with the equity we raise?

We have a big dream; our mission is to reforest 2 billion hectares of degraded land with productive trees! In October 2016, we won the National Icon Award (which was presented by the Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs). With the support of the Dutch government we aim to realize our dream of greening the world and helping the people who really need it.

We will use the equity to increase the scale of our production (to ensure we can meet the mass market demand of millions of Growboxxes®). We will also use it for further research and development.

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