Change the world with Silver Shares

Investing money can be very exciting. What is the best place to invest your money and what will they do with your money? One possibility to invest €12.000 can be by buying shares of a related subsidiary of a company that aims to reforest 2bn hectares of degraded land while helping thousands of people: Groasis.

We change the world together 

Groasis has spent the last couple of years to develop the Waterboxx® and Growboxx® plant cocoon. The Waterboxx® plant cocoon is a polypropylene box in the shape of a donut, which allows people to plant trees in dry areas where it was impossible to plant trees without the help of irrigation. By planting with the Waterboxx®, you can save lots of water: up to 90% versus normal planting methods. The Waterboxx® is especially useful in places such as the Sahara DesertDubai and in Mexico (see upcoming project). The Growboxx® plant cocoon works just like the Waterboxx® plant cocoon, but the box is made from recycled paper. Because we used paper pulp instead of polypropylene so the box is completely biodegradable and we can keep the cost price very low.

Last October Groasis has won the National Icons Award in the Netherlands, which was awarded by Minister Kamp of Economic Affairs. As a winner of the National Icons we will receive a lot of support from the Dutch Government. This support brings us a step closer to fulfill our dream. Our dream is to cause the reforestation of 2bn hectares of degraded land and our first step was to develop a product that is able to do so. Our Waterboxx® and Growboxx® have proven that they work over the last years – with over 100.000 trees are successfully planted!

The next step is to produce in as many places around the world so we are as close as possible to the buyer’s location. Our ultimate goal is to sell the Growboxx® plant cocoon for less than 1 dollar per piece. By reaching this low sales price we give the people who need the Growboxx® plant cocoon the opportunity to buy the product. Besides this, the Growboxx® plant cocoon will be more accessible to start ecosystem restauration and reforestation projects and to reforest the world!

Go for a green planet! 

We want to offer you the possibility to buy one of our Silver Shares and to make, together with us, the planet greener. Once we make a profit, you will receive an annual dividend. By growing the company, we also hope the value of the shares will increase. 

Do you want to be a part of our Green Revolution and help us with the reforestation of our planet and do you want to receive more information? Please fill out this form to receive more non-committal information!