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Waterboxx® plant cocoon - 300 pcs Waterboxx® plant cocoon - 300 pcs
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  • Waterboxx® plant cocoon - 300 pcs
  • Waterboxx® plant cocoon - 300 pcs

Waterboxx® plant cocoon - 300 pcs

Quick Overview

Pallet 40ft HC container. Ask for an offer.

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Order the Waterboxx® plant cocoon! 

To order this package of the Waterboxx® plant cocoon, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Information about the Waterboxx® plant cocoon

The Waterboxx® plant cocoon is a planting device made from polypropylene. With the Waterboxx® plant cocoon, you can plant vegetables, trees or shrubs in a water saving way. The United Nations says that already 1.2 billion people suffer from water scarcity. 500 million people are approaching this situation. At this moment, around 75% of our precious scarce fresh water is used for agricultural purposes. While planting trees for fruit, vegetables or bushes, water savings of 99%* are reached - compared to drip irrigation.  

For a more detailed explanation of how the Waterboxx® plant cocoon works, please watch the video below.


Please contact us to ask for an offer.

Size and weight

The 300 Waterboxx® plant cocoons will be delivered on a HC pallet. 

The size of this package is: 115 x 98 x 250 cm
The weight of this package is: 490 kg 

The size of an individual Waterboxx® plant cocoon is (diameter x height): 47 x 25 cm (23.75 x 10'')
The weight of an individual Waterboxx® plant cocoon is: 1.400 grams (49.5 oz)

Waterboxx® plant cocoon HC pallet includes

This HC pallet with 300 Waterboxx® plant cocoons includes the following:

  • 1 paper manual (if you want a free digital version, please click here);
  • 300 Waterboxx® plant cocoons (basins – green);
  • 300 Waterboxx® plant cocoons (covers – cream);
  • 300 midplates (black);
  • 300 caps (blue);
  • 600 tubes (blue);
  • EXTRA: 300 anti-evaporation covers (white);
  • EXTRA: 300 wicks (white).

Start planting today!

People often forget how important trees are. Trees provide us the oxygen we breathe, food, jobs, medicines, wealth and more. At this moment, big parts of the earth are dry and eroded. With the Waterboxx® plant cocoon you can plant those parts again in a water efficient way. You do not only save 99% water (compared to drip irrigation), but the survival rate of the trees planted with the Waterboxx® plant cocoon are above 90%*. This is extraordinary in these types of weather/location circumstances.

Many institutes, research facilities, universities and companies have done tests with the Waterboxx® plant cocoon to research about the functioning of the box. The results of these tests were astonishing. If you want to read those documents, please go to our website and learn more about our products!

* Groasis is not responsible for the planting results. Our projects and tests in the past have showed an average survival rate of 90%. If you follow the plant instructions correctly, you can achieve the same survival rate. A lower survival rate can also depend on the quality of the young trees/vegetable seeds.