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Biodegradable Waterboxx® plant cocoon 10-packBiodegradable Waterboxx® plant cocoon 10-pack
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Biodegradable Waterboxx® plant cocoon 10-pack

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Price per biodegradable Waterboxx® plant cocoon: €34,99! 

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Order the biodegradable Waterboxx® plant cocoon! 

To order this package of the Waterboxx® plant cocoon, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Information about the biodegradable Waterboxx® plant cocoon 

With the biodegradable polypropylene Waterboxx® plant cocoon it is possible to plant trees, vegetables or shrubs in a water saving way without the help of irrigation. The biodegradable Waterboxx® plant cocoon ensures that the plant survives during the most critical period of its life*. The biodegradable Waterboxx® plant cocoon is a help device that provides the young tree/plant too little water to survive, but too much water too die. In this way the root system of the young tree/plant is triggered and will search during the first growth year for water in the ground. After a year, the root system is developed enough that the young tree/plant can grow and search for water in the ground without the biodegradable Waterboxx® plant cocoon. In the video below you can see a more detailed explanation.


Please contact us to ask for an offer. 

Waterboxx® plant cocoons 100 pcs pallet includes

This special package with Waterboxx® plant cocoons contains the following products so you can plant trees in a safe and durable way: 

  • 1 paper manual (if you want a free digital version, please click here);
  • 10 Waterboxx® plant cocoons (basins - sand colour);
  • 10 Waterboxx® plant cocoons (covers - sand colour);
  • 10 midplates (sand);
  • 10 caps (blue);
  • 20 tubes (blue);
  • 10 anti-evaporation covers (white);
  • 10 wicks (white).

* Groasis is not responsible for the planting results. Our projects and tests in the past have showed an average survival rate of 90%. If you follow the plant instructions correctly, you can achieve the same survival rate. A lower survival rate can also depend on the quality of the young trees/vegetable seeds.